Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ceremony Part 3


Happy Wednesday everyone! This week is one of those weeks. You know where you feel a little down and tired. Especially the tired part. This week is especially busy around these parts and I am crawling my way to Friday when I can finally breathe.

Last week, we continued our talk about the wedding ceremony. I had met my groom at the front of the aisle and we had performed part of the ceremony.

Now, it’s time to sign the wedding registry and make it official on paper too! We made our way down to the table and we all took turns signing our names.



While my lovely bridesmaids looked on! 


We were finally officially married not only in the eyes of God but on paper too! It was a pretty amazing moment! I wanted to skip back up the stairs to where we would be announced husband and wife. 


Finally, we were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. and Ryan was told to salute his bride! Yay! 




Some people how found it weird that we didn’t kiss BEFORE we signed the registry. My thoughts were that I wanted that special announcement as husband and wife AFTER we were married by the church and legal on paper. Once we were official then I wanted to kiss my husband for the first time.

We were making our way back down the stairs so that we could go down the aisle. The wedding musician's were suppose to start playing a upbeat jig as we exited. They never started playing.

I remember looking over my shoulder at them giving them a bit of a stink eye, hoping they would come to their senses and start playing.

Then, I heard some beautiful voices at the back of the church singing “Oh, Happy Day”.


To say I was in shock would be an understatement! Ever single detail of the wedding I had known and organized. Little did I know my parents had a little surprise for me.

A long time ago Mom and I watched License to Wed. At the end of the movie, as the couple got married, they were serenaded by a choir singing “Oh, Happy Day”. I always thought it was so neat but never mentioned it again. Years later, at my own wedding little did I know the same thing would be happening! 



Figuring out it was my Mother who had organized it.


One of my favorite pictures! 

Once the singers were done we had one last kiss and then the musicians played their jig so that we could exit the church. 




We didn’t stay outside the church for long though. Immediately we dashed away so that we could have a moment together and then re-enter and exit the church.

To be continued….


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  1. It was amazingly easy to organize, Lindsay. Your Mom asked me if I knew any good gospel singers in an African Canadian choir. I said no, then immediately thought of my friend Kerri. I was her supervisor when working in a day care 15 years ago. I contacted her and put her in touch with your mom and Voila! She and her mom and cousin were fantastic. Great pictures.