Monday, August 27, 2012

Point Form Kind Of Weekend


- It’s Monday, that kind of sucks!

- At the end of this week there will be a long weekend and Shawville Fair! Woo hoo!

- This weekend I was a bachelorette again. Ry went on a four wheeling trip about 3 hours away. He kept asking me if I would miss him. It was really hard to keep a straight face while saying yes.

- I knew that since Ryan was away I would get alot of “me” time. Watch the shows/movies that I want and eat what I want. It’s kind of nice to cater to yourself for sometime instead of someone else.

- The weekend started out perfectly with a trip for supper with the girls to Boston Pizza on Friday! I don’t know why but supper went by in a blink!

boston pizza

- That night I rented American Reunion and fell asleep half way through. Wild Friday night!

- I woke up with the blues early Saturday morning. I mean getting up at 6 AM on weekend? Blah! I curse you internal clock!

- Saturday did end up feeling extremely long because of my early morning riser ways.

- I would like to thank my bestie Jilly for introducing me to Friday Night Lights. That is what my Saturday consisted of. Sitting on the couch watching episode after episode. Real productive. 


- I was too enthralled in the show to even make myself lunch. I was about to eat my elbow by supper time.

- I was A LITTLE productive on Saturday after all. After seeing a posting on the local yard sale page via FB I ran to Shawville (next town over) to pick up 4 new dresses that I bought for 35$! I love everyone of them! And I love a good deal!

- I even wore one of my new dresses to church Sunday morning.


- You know what I miss about Ryan not being home? Sleeping with the lights off. My hydro bill goes way up when he is away. Lights must remain on during the day and at night.

- I figured out this weekend that I have a poor mental measuring brain. I wanted to go for my run on Sunday morning before it got hot. I had been getting bored of my usual way and decided to take a new route that I thought would be the shame! WRONG! My usual 5 km ran turned into 7.5 km! Bah!


At one point I almost broke down and called my mom to come pick me up. I didn’t cause I figured my parents would laugh at me for my lack of measurement skills. It’s all about the ego!

How was your weekend?


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  1. Oh yes, Friday Night Lights is soooo addictive. I watched every single episode on Netflix, and it was one of my very favorite shows!