Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Video


Holy August 1st, Batman! Where did that come from? I was beginning to think that July was never going to end and then all the sudden, BAM, it’s August!

Don’t worry, I am SO not complaining. It’s been a long and stressful season around this farm this year and I am kind of looking forward to the end of it. I’m starting to look over at the green/brown fields and imagine them covered in colorful leaves that have fallen from the trees.



I honestly can’t rave more about my videographer, Dan from Video Keepsakes! From the moment that I spoke with him before the wedding I knew that I was making the right choice by hiring a videographer.

Well over a month ago when Dan dropped off the copies of the wedding video, I was so excited! Conflict in schedules made it hard for Ryan and I to watch it right away but when we did, wow!

What is wow? Well, wow is being able to relive the most special day of your life all over again. Wow is being able to catch the moments that you don’t remember from the excitement of the day. Wow is being able to capture your friends and family on film. A loving message from the most special people in your life to cherish forever.

The best part with Dan was that he was able to catch these moments throughout the day and I never once (seriously, not once!) noticed him! It’s kind a hidden camera was following us all day! ha ha!

Although, I would love to share my whole wedding video with you all that would be too difficult! However, here is the highlights reel.

Turn up the sound! Although I still have to listen to it soundless because the beginning makes me tear up EVERY time, you will be able to hear some of our vows and see some highlights from the wedding!




  1. Thanks for the good cry this morning at work!!! Sweetest video EVER!!!! I am all teared up girl!!! Beautiful wedding for 2 of the most beautiful people I know :)

    1. Aww...Thanks darling!! I just tried watching it with sound again and started crying! Bah! Will I ever get through it? ha ha! See you Saturday! Can't wait for a visit! xo

  2. Dan sure did a wonderful job of videoing . Oh yeah thanks for the morning cry . Can't wait to see the rest of the video and cry so more..LOL Love Ya's both ..xoxox

    1. Thanks Bev!! I actually have a copy for you!! I'll be sure to drop it off the next time I'm driving by!! Talk soon! Love ya too! xo

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  4. Love this!! :) Now I'm going to be singing this song all day! HAHA

  5. Oh, Lindsay,
    This brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart remembering what a wonderful day that was and how privileged I am to have been a part of it. Thanks, again.

  6. Absolutely beautiful Lindsay. You are a very lucky lady! xoxoxoxox