Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pool Party 2012


Oh long weekends…those certain weekends you look forward to all year long! Then in a flash they are over and leaving you so tired you don’t know what hit you!

For four years ago Ryan and I have organized a pool party at our house. Usually, it lands on some Saturday in June. Being that we were so busy at the end of May for our own wedding we decided to push the pool party back into August.

The very first pool party we hosted was in honor of amazing friends Sara and Graham and their upcoming nuptials.

Summer time 021

The group of friends has changed so much since that first pool party over 4 years ago. Now, most of our friends have at least one (but most have two) child!

Pool Party 2012 015

Charlotte, Sara and Graham’s daughter! Drying off from being in the pool!

Pool Party 2012 003

Chad and Priscilla’s baby girl, Willow!

The first year, the pool was hardly used and all the adults decided to soak in the hot tub instead. Now, the pool is filled with children and supervising parents.

Pool Party 2012 005 

Pool Party 2012 004

Taking trips up and down the slide.

At one point I was sitting back watching everyone having a blast and that for me makes it worth it every year! We have been blessed with this big pool that hardly gets used by us unimaginative adults. But those times that we can share it with friends and family to enjoy; that is what makes us happiest!

Pool Party 2012 022

Pool Party 2012 018

It’s also in true Lindsay fashion to sit back and think about how different the party will look next year. Rolly polly babies who have yet to get their sea legs may be more interested in the pool.

Pool Party 2012 023

This year we also got to celebrate 3 special birthdays! Ricky, Josee and Jill all have birthdays in late July and what better way to celebrate then at a pool party!

Pool Party 2012 029

Ryan and I had a blast at the pool party and loved hosting it again this year for our friends and family! It is one of the events that we look forward to all year long!

Can’t wait for Pool Party 2013!



  1. I've been trying to convince Big A that we need to buy a house with a pool. I told him I would ALWAYS be bikini ready and bronze. He still isn't going for it. WAH! Look like fun though!

  2. Fun!! Looks like it was a jam-packed day filled with friends and fun :-)