Monday, August 13, 2012

Toronto Trip


Happy Monday everyone! Sorry for my lack of posting last Friday but I was far, far away on a great getaway to Toronto!

It all started WAY before the wedding when Jill, Bekk and I all discussed going to see a Bluejays game after Ryan expressed interest in seeing one this year. Shortly after the wedding the train, hotel and baseball game tickets were booked!

Finally, last Thursday arrived and we boarded up the train (Ryan’s first train ride actually!) and headed to Toronto.

toronto 10

toronto 9

The train is such a relaxing way to travel! Before we knew it, we were in Toronto and walking to our hotel. First, we arrived at the wrong hotel! But they steered us in the right direction and we were finally settled. We ordered some midnight pizza and had a couple of drinks to salute our first night in Toronto!

On Friday morning we all got ready and took the very short walk to the CN tower! I have been to Toronto multiple times and have never gone up the CN tower. Finally, today was the day to cross that item off of my 101 and bucket list!

Toronto 2012 002

We must have been there at the perfect time because there wasn’t a line up at all! We headed straight for the top! I did have trouble watching us go up in the elevator but once we were at the observation deck it was nothing! A beautiful view of Toronto and the surrounding area!

Toronto 2012 009

Toronto 2012 021

It was so hard to take that first step onto the glass floor but in no time we were all on it!

Toronto 2012 014

Unfortunately, Ryan didn’t join us to go up to the top of the CN tower. Usually, when it’s just us, I make him do that stuff, like the time we went up the Empire State building. I wish I would have pushed harder for him to join us because I think he might regret it a little not going up.

After doing a couple of short films (mine and Jill’s was a motion/animated ride) we walked over to RS sports and try to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

I say TRY because upon arrival everything was locked tight! Apparently, they were experiencing a power outage and had to close the restaurant and all the shops. Bummer.

We walked back towards our hotel and grabbed a quick bite at East Sides.

We settled back into our rooms for a nap and then a couple of drinks before supper. I managed to find Skinny Girl Margarita mix and was so excited to try it! All I have to say is, yuck! I am not a fan!

toronto 7

We walked literally 30 seconds from our hotel to Gretzky’s. A restaurant opened by one of Canada’s greatest hockey players, Wayne Gretzky. We started supper out with Caesars and then I had to try some of the perogies! Yummy!

toronto 11

toronto 6

Of course in the coffee the stir stick is in the shape of a hockey stick! Love it!

toronto 5

With very full bellies and tired feet we headed back to the room for more drinks and a few exciting rounds of Janitor! Quiet night in but it was SO much fun!

Saturday morning we were up and getting ready again this time for the main event, the baseball game! Toronto Blue Jays versus New York Yankee’s.

My three other travel mates dressed in Blue Jay colors while I wore my Yankee’s hat from my New York trip last year.

toronto 4

toronto 3

We arrived at the ball game and it felt like we had stepped back in time! They had a live band playing baseball music. It really set the mood!

Toronto 2012 034

Of course I wanted to run down to the field not to see the ball players but to check out their Artificial Turf. It’s a beautiful stadium!

Toronto 2012 036

The game was great for this Yankee’s fan as they beat the Blue Jays  5-2.

We quickly walked in the rain and wind back to our room to relax before heading for supper! We decided on the shorter walk and decided on Lone Star for supper.

toronto 2

Thee Amigo’s margarita’s!

That night when we were back at the room we were just about to break into another game of Janitor when we turned around and saw Ryan fast asleep on the chair! Us girls must have tuckered him out! ha ha!

Sunday morning we were up early to get packed up to head home, boo! After a little excitement with Ryan putting dish soap in the dishwasher (ha ha!) we were headed back to the train station!

It was a quick trip back home as we all relaxed and chatted! I was pretty sad to see this trip come to an end! I had an amazing time with two of my besties and my husband! A great summer trip!

How was your weekend?



  1. Looks like you had fun. I agree on the SG margarita, it's too salty. ICK. Oh and you have to lose the Yankees hat if we are going to be friends... sorry.

  2. Oh looks like you guys had tons of fun!! It always fun to be a tourist in your own country!

  3. I still have my old hoodie from when the Blue Jays won the World Series. Sounds like a very fun time!

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