Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear 17 Year Old Self…


Dear 17 year old Lindsay,

You need to take a second and sit down to read this. I know life seems SO busy right now but trust me, it’s gets busier. So, sick your butt down and get reading.

You are about to head off to University, get out of your small town and spread your wings. We both know you are secretly scared shitless but don’t always be such a tough guy! It’s ok to be sad that you are leaving home to a place where you don’t know a soul. You think you’ll be looking out the window at the you farm saying, “good riddance” but we both know you love this place. Don’t fight it. Follow your heart that brings you back home.

In University there is only 1 other girl in your class that you go out of your way to try to be-friend. Don’t waste your time. Years later she puts no effort into your friendship and ends up burning you in your final year of school.

Instead, you’ll meet this shy blonde girl who oddly enough, lives back home right across the river from you. You both will cling to eachother through University and she becomes your rock through some tough moments. This girl is a true friend and will become one of your best friends! She will even stand with you as you get married (yes, you get married!). This is the friendship that matters. Go ahead and just get the two bedroom apartment together versus the 3 so that the “no good friend” can’t live with you both.

Speaking of University, you know that guy in your class that offers to help you study one night? SAY NO!

Actually, I take that back. Go ahead and say yes and live that experience. You’ll end up moving across the country for this douche bag and your soul will forever be scarred. It sucks but I want you to go through that but only because through this experience, you’ll learn what a real good man is like. You’ll learn that there are good men out there who treat women with respect and love. You won’t believe it now confident girl but, this guy tears  you down and you let him. You always swore you would never let a man treat you like this. You would never let a man call you names or put a hand on you….but you do. And truthfully, you never fully get back that confidence that you have now. I’m sorry that you have to go through this. Remember that your family and true friends are there for you. Lean on them when you need them.

You do move home. Stop crying…it’s not as bad as you think. But for a while you hide away behind a shell as you try to heal. There’s a man that is also broken who tries to mend your shattered heart. Stop running from him. He isn’t bad news. He is good and one of the best things that has ever happened to your life. Stop playing hard to get and pushing him away. Let him help you heal. He is kind, gentle and always puts you first. Don’t be such a bitch to him! The sooner you are nice to him, the sooner life will get better. In fact, he is your happily ever after!

Girl, you are not fat! In 8 years, you’ll wish you look like you do now! Your metabolism slows down and you get a desk job! Go ahead and start getting use to working out now! Make it become part of your everyday life! You’ll thank me later for this!

In about a year, you’ll go to a super bowl party at a guy named Scott’s house. It’s super fun but when someone offers you some salmon DON’T EAT IT! Step away…run away from it!

Here’s a little hint, next year during your turf trial, your prof will infect YOUR plot with pythium blight. He tries to single you out to make you look weak. Yes. He doesn’t like you, sorry. Go ahead behind his back and preventatively treat it with Heritage. He’s going to be the one to look stupid. Don’t stress. You end up doing good in the class because the professor has no control over your final exam!

You’re first year of University is going to seem busy and stressful. Please try and make friends with others in your residence. There are some really great people on your floor and they have the potential to be great friends if you would give them the chance.

Linds, I know 25 seems SO far away and seems SO old. I don’t want to ruin too many surprises for you but life is good! Really good! You are in love and loved. There are some bumps in the road to get you there but life (so far) turns out kind of perfect. Try to take life less seriously because you will get through it. You’ll soon learn that there is a destined path for you. Don’t fight it! Trust in yourself, in the ones that love you and God. You’ll be O.K!





  1. I still remember that day I got that call from you when you were out west and how sad you were...we cried on the phone and barely even talked. I'm so glad you moved home and found your happily ever after because that's all "that" guy was, a total douchebag! Love you ♥

  2. Aww I just want to give 17 year old you a hug. Isn't it disgusting how we let people treat us before we knew better? I know it is all a learning experience, but sometimes I want to go back and smack myself.