Monday, June 30, 2014

The Weekend Before Canada Day


Happy Monday everyone! Tomorrow is Canada Day and I am sure that a lot of people actually took today off! I actually have to make this post pretty quick because we have a busier day then normal ahead of us! While tomorrow is Canada Day, in our village we celebrate a day early! Tonight is our BBQ, parade, party and fireworks! I can’t wait! While our town is small, it has HUGE Canadian spirit and our party is always legendary.

This weekend started out with a our traditional pizza for supper and then movie! Since Sam is still sleeping in our room and it doesn’t have a way for us to watch him while he sleeps in there, we opted to watch the movie in our room! We decided to rent The Monuments Men! Before the movie was even half over, Ryan was beside me snoring away! I actually fought to stay awake but was able to keep my eyes open till the end! It was a pretty good movie!

Saturday we actually “slept in” which means 7 AM for us! Ha ha! But we all got ready, grabbed breakfast on the road and then went for our annual trip to the strawberry patch to pick our berries! The forecast was calling for a very hot day so we wanted to get this done as early as possible! I was a little worried about how long it would take us to pick our three baskets, as I had heard the berries were small and not as plentiful this year after a hard winter. Well that was not the case for the patch we were in! They placed Ryan and I in one row and we picked the same place but from either side. We only picked for about 20 minutes and we had all 3 baskets overflowing! The were so many berries!


It was Sam’s first experience strawberry picking and he just sat in his stroller the whole time in the shade! I am sure next year will be much more difficult! Ha ha!


Since we were over in the Ontario side and close by to a couple of our best friends, we stopped by for a quick visit with Rebekka and Josh! We had a great visit under the shade! Now that the ferry is open it is so fast to drive over to see them and I am so looking forward to lots of visits this summer!


We hopped the ferry, cleaned up, fed Sam and then headed back on the road! It was only a short drive to a special birthday for little Mason! The adorable 1 year old had all his buddies over to help him celebrate his birthday! We had a delicious BBQ supper, snacks and of course cupcakes! There are a lot of little boys who were born to friends of Ryan and we all were laughing and imagining what life is going to be like in about 13 years! There are literally 7 little boys (including Sam) that are between the ages of 0-2, it is going to be so fun to watch them all together in years to come!


After such a busy day we were glad for our quiet night at home!

Sunday morning I left my boys at home and met two friends for an early breakfast! Amanda and Candace have been friends of mine for YEARS and I am so glad that we always try and make time in our busy lives to get together! It is always as if no time has passed and we can chat for hours! Unfortunately, I had to get back to a hungry baby but it was a great way to spend a Sunday morning!


“Oh dear, Daddy dressed me!”

The rest of the day we puttered away at things around the house! Ryan got his truck washed and I worked on cleaning my strawberries so that they are ready to be made into jam today!


We took a few hours yesterday afternoon to join other Canada Day Committee members to set up for the big festivities today!

The rest of the afternoon we relaxed, cooked a BBQ supper and got ready for a busy week ahead! 

How was your weekend?


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  1. Wow! Sounds like you guys have had a busy weekend! I don't know if we are busier now that we have Baby J or if I just FEEL it more, but I find myself exhausted on Monday morning! (Or every morning... haha)