Monday, October 6, 2014

Our First Overnight Away From Sam


Happy Monday everyone! Well this Momma is feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Leading up to this weekend, I was a wreck!

Before Sam was even born, we got a “save the date” for a wedding in a town about 2 hours away. We knew the baby would be about 6 months old and thought it might be possible to leave. When Sam was born and we had to send our RRSP back, we decided to go to the wedding. We booked our hotel room and asked my parents to keep Sam overnight.

It was a lot of work to get a sufficient milk stash to ensure that there was enough for Sam for his whole stay! It takes me a day and 1/2 to get enough milk for one feeding! Then is the question of packing stuff for him. I know for the most part he doesn’t need a lot but I was worried.

The day of finally came! We all woke up early on Saturday morning and dropped Sam off. It was only about 6:30 AM but we had to get on the road because Ryan had gifted me a pedicure and massage at the hotel spa. My parents were SO excited to have their grandson for his first sleepover. I didn’t want to leave. ha ha! We kissed our boy goodbye, he waved at us as we drove out the laneway and I then proceeded to cry halfway to our destination. Yes, cry! And not just a few teardrops….I mean full on BAWLING. It’s not that I was overly worried. I felt sad that we were leaving him and guilty for being away from him.

Ryan dropped me off at the hotel spa and he took off to the golf course. I was excited for my morning of pampering but I still had a heavy heart. My 60 minute Zen massage and deluxe pedicure were AMAZING! Just what I needed and when all was done, I was starting to feel better. My masseuse sat with me after my appointment and told me about her first time leaving her son. It made me feel better to hear her story.

Along with the stress of leaving Sam for the night, I also realized that morning that NONE of my dresses fit my new bust line. I was discouraged realizing that I had literally nothing to wear! After my appointments Ryan said he saw a clothing store near our hotel. We walked in there and bee lined it to the rack of dresses. I picked up one I liked, glanced at the tag and it said $216!!! I am not the kind of girl that is going to spend that much on a dress! I checked out the clearance rack and hit the dress jackpot! After trying on about 7 dresses I found the perfect one! Regular $180, on sale $30!

We grabbed a yummy lunch and then tried to check into our hotel room. It wasn’t ready yet and we had an hour before we had to leave for the wedding! In a panic, we drove around and I spotted a First Choice Haircutters. I ran in and was instantly escorted to a chair. 15 minutes later my hair was curled and wedding ready! I did my make up in the truck and then we threw on our clothes when we finally got to check in!

oct 4 3

Through all of this chaos, Sam was still on my mind at all times! Thankfully, my parents were giving me updates and even sending pictures! Everyone was well and having fun!

oct 4 2

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and the rain held off so that happy couple could take some pictures outside! We had a delicious sit-down dinner and then the music and dancing got started! While I had go out every few hours to pump, I still had a blast sitting back watching the festivities and visiting with a great friend!

oct 4 1

We decided to head back to our hotel around 11 so that we could have a good nights sleep! It wasn’t long after our heads hit the pillow and we were fast asleep! Even though Sam is a pretty good sleeper, there are nights he still gets up once a night to eat. Having a whole nights sleep, without the anticipation of getting up with a baby, was wonderful! My eyes shot open around 5-6 and I wanted to get up to get ready to head home to see my boy! Ryan encouraged me to relax and take a long bath. Mom and Dad wanted to take Sam to church so I knew there was no rush to get back.

We got home about 30 minutes before they got home from church. I was pacing the floor as I waited for them to drive in! FINALLY, they walked in the door and I went straight to Sam! It felt so good to have my boy in my arms again!

Mom and Dad told stories from the weekend! Sam was great and even slept through the night for them! They even said, “he is such a good baby, we’d keep him anytime”! It was a relief to know that neither Sam or my parents were traumatized by their visit. Ha ha!

While getting away for the day/night was great, I had a hard time fully relaxing because it was my first time! I never fell the need to get away from Sam (yet). While the break is nice, I genuinely like having Sam with me and I miss him when we aren’t together. I can’t believe we are at the point in our parenthood lives where Sam is at an age that we can have him stay somewhere. I came to the realization now that my baby doesn’t need me like he once did. It is this weird happy yet very sad feeling, my boy is  growing up.

How was your weekend?



  1. You are SO brave! Alex and I talk about our first night away, but we have never been ready at the same time. I'll be OK with it, then he won't, then I won't, then he will. Haha. I'm so glad you guys got to have a fun day/night out, and the sleep must have been AMAZING! And of course, Sam is as cute as ever! That spiky hair kills me every time!

  2. LOL! Now I feel like a horrible mommy haha! When we left Rylie with the in-laws last Friday night for the wedding, we didn't look at our phones all night or call - nothing! It wasn't overnight so maybe that'll be different when we do?

  3. So glad to hear that both you and Sam survived the night away from each other :) So nice that you have your parents close by to watch him. And I feel your pain on none of your dresses working with your new bust

  4. Good for you two to have a night off. Sam was terrific at church, and was happily passed around at church when your Mom read the Scriptures. We had Quentin overnight Friday, and we all love it.

  5. My mom has kept Jeanette for me two times now, but since she lives about 20 minutes away I haven't really gotten too upset about it. She's very good about texting me photos even on the day's she babysits her! Looks like the wedding was lovely and you had a great weekend!