Monday, October 20, 2014

The Weekend Where We Spent Alot Of Time In Our Car


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that everyone’s weekend was wonderful! We saw the inside of our vehicle a lot this weekend! I said to Ryan last night, we are really SO lucky. Sam spent ALOT of time with us as we carted him around with us and he hardly fussed. It has made the adjustment into parenthood so smooth when we have an easy baby.

The weekend started out with a busy Friday of getting stuff done! I knew that we had a busy weekend ahead of us and would not be able to do anything around the house over the course of the weekend! Sam just hung out and played with his “phone”.


We were all in bed early as I knew there was a busy weekend ahead. On Saturday morning Ryan was busy doing a lot of outdoor jobs while Sam and I made him some new food! My boy has been an eating machine lately! He eats WAY more then I ever expected him to. He quickly ate through my first freezer stash of baby food! He had (and loved) eggs for the first time this weekend so I warned my Egg Farmer brother that our yearly amount should be increasing!


Around lunch time we loaded up the car to head to a very special birthday party! Our niece, Sophie was celebrating her 1st birthday! The theme was Minnie Mouse and it was adorable! White and pink dolka dots everywhere! We couldn’t stay long unfortunately but were glad to stop in and give birthday wishes to her!


Photo taken by my father-in-law, Eugene Hamelin

The reason we had to rush our birthday visit? Car Rally 2014! We were excited to be able to participate as some of our best friends were organizing it this year! I knew the effort they have been putting into planning this years route and knew it would be great! Other besties, Amanda and Josh, agreed to be our teammates this year! The theme was “Celebrating 2014”. Since the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup last year, we decided that we would represent them in our costume and team name.



We enjoyed driving around the back roads of Quyon/Bristol answering the questionnaire we were given! Our teammates have never done a Car Rally before so it was fun to watch the excitement they had for the event! Getting to spend the day doing this fun event with amazing friends makes me feel so blessed!

Unfortunately, Sam and I couldn’t stay to hear the results as it was WAY past his usual bedtime! But I hear we did pretty good! 14th place (about 60 teams total). Thank you so much to the gang who organized and planned the route this year! It is so much work and your efforts are SO appreciated! We SO enjoyed our day on the road!

Sunday morning we were up early, drinking coffee and then hitting the road. Since Sam was TOTALLY off schedule from his late bedtime the night before, we opted to skip out on church! I knew he would not be a happy camper that morning! Instead, we headed to watch Ryan play his first hockey game of the year.

We grabbed a quick lunch afterwards and then headed to do our October date. More on that another time!

It was SO cold yesterday and as we were driving a little snow was even falling! A big Tanger Outlet had opened up on Friday in Kanata and so we headed in that direction to see what all the hype was about!

Ryan’s parents had gifted me a Tanger gift card for my birthday and I was easily able to use it and as pretty much every store had special sales for their opening weekend! It was very busy but manageable to get around! It was a great day spent together as a family!


We grabbed a quick pizza on our way home for supper and then all crashed early as it was a busy, yet enjoyable weekend!

How was your weekend?



  1. Love that last picture of you and Sam! So cute. And I had never heard of a car rally before...what exactly is it?

  2. Oh goodness that last photo is adorable!!! It's cooled off a lot here too and we had our first frost over the weekend :( I love fall but not winter!