Friday, October 10, 2014

Samuel–6 Months




On October 2, 2014, 1 day before you turned 6 months, you weighed in at 18.1 pounds, 28” long and a head circumference of 45.5 cm.


You are wearing mostly 6 month things. Joe Fresh size 6-12 month and mostly 6-9 month onsies. PJ’s are 9 months! Hats are still an issue and we just go to the toddler section to find hats that fit you! You are in size 3 shoes! You are still wearing size 3 diapers and your cloth are getting a little small and will have to do another adjustment soon.

I am sad to see some of your summer stuff that still fit you, have to be put away because it is too cold now. Thankfully, we have some adorable fall/winter stuff that fits well. We went to a big kid sale and got some fall/winter/spring jackets and a couple winter snowsuits.



Finally, we are making headway! I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get a normal nights sleep ever again. Sam would spoil me with a couple great nights sleep, only to go right back to getting up 2-3 times a night! We were in Nova Scotia when we did a little tough love. It seemed to work and now for about 2 weeks we have had a great sleeper! Sleeping by 6:30-7 PM, up at about 5 AM for a quick feed and then back to sleep till about 7-8 AM! We have a solid nap schedule as well! Sam is really great at letting us know when he needs to go to sleep! As soon as he starts rubbing his eyes, you know it’s time for him to go to sleep.



Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news, we are still breastfeeding. The bad news, I gave Sam cereal about 2 weeks prior to our ultimate goal of 6 months straight of nothing but breastmilk. I was at the end of my rope and Sam just seemed ready for something else! He took the cereal like a champ and we haven’t looked back. Until he turned 6 months, he got 1 snack of cereal at around 4-5 PM.

I am glad we are still breastfeeding but sad I gave in early. I still plan on breastfeeding him for as long as possible (ultimate goal of a year). I am a little anxious about starting him on other foods. I put so much effort and time in learning for to be a nursing mother that I kind of forgot to look into the next step. Now that it is here, I feel very intimidated about what to give him.



Oh my brown eyed boy! He has his Mommas eyes! His beautiful mohawk started to get droopy about 1 week before his 6 month birthday! Now it’s a little more of a style, I find you look more like a little boy!

Your smile is infectious. When you smile, your whole face lights up! You are starting to grow into your big cheeks and again, are looking so much more like a little boy versus a baby.



For the most part, Sam is one happy little dude. You are honestly a fun little guy! I enjoy watching you play and learn!

I think I am going to have a Daddy’s boy on my hands. Yes, I am his food source and comforter. But there is something about the relationship between my boys that is very special. Sam’s smile gets bigger and he is genuinely entertained longer when Ryan is with him.

Sam loves to examine things very intently. Feeling the texture, chewing on the surface and then tasting it! It can be anything new! The smallest thing can hold his attention for a long time.


Sam’s favourite toys are his scratchy book, keys, Mom or Dad’s hands, excersaucer, and any of the plastic blocks.

Walks are also something that is very much loved! If I have a fussy baby on my hands, I know some outside time with a walk will sooth him. He won’t fall asleep on our walk but he loves to sit back to relax and look around.


This list is getting shorter and shorter!

Sam is not a fan of lying on the floor to play anymore. He would rather be sitting or standing. If he is on the floor, he is on his belly and looking around.

Now that we have started cereal, I wipe your face after every meal…you hate that!

You still kind of fight going to sleep but it is getting better!


On September 3, you got to meet your little cousin Rylie! You seemed very fascinated by her!


You took your first ride in your new car seat on September 9!! Sad to see the convenient bucket seat gone but you were getting to heavy to carry in it anyways.


On the same day, you sat in a highchair in a restaurant for the first time!


As a grass farmer, I thought it was important to introduce you to our product for the first time on September 16.


Met your new neighbour and future buddy Hayden on September 17!

Momma was getting tired and you seemed ready so on September 22, you tried cereal for the first time. You were a little unsure.


On September 23, you took your first flight!! Thankfully you were a rockstar and slept for most of it!


Also on that day, you saw Nana and Grandpa’s cottage for the first time in Nova Scotia! Get ready to have many more visits there!


You met your Great Aunt Lil’ on September 25.


On September 28, you got up close and personal with the ocean! First time in the Atlantic ocean.




I am starting to gain a lot of independence this month. I am less apprehensive about leaving Sam with someone (usually Ryan) and doing my own thing. I went for the longest time yet without Sam for a few hours of shopping! I SO enjoyed myself!

I am sad at the prospect of Sam needing to nurse less because of solids. It’s just a matter of letting go. The hardest part about breastfeeding right now is the independence that I talked about. I love that I can pump and then get out but I can get SO uncomfortable from engorgement.

I am still loving my routine! Get up early, get some “me” time and then I spend the rest of my day being a wife/mother/worker. I am trying really hard to not be 100% mom all the time! 

This month I have experienced some letting go. It hasn’t been easy on me. For so long Sam depended on me and now that he are starting food, its the start of hi, needing me less. It’s a hard realization for me and sometimes I get sad thinking about it.



Daddy is loving this stage in your life! You are so active and love to play with him. He gets to be involved more in feeding which he has really enjoyed. He spent almost a whole day taking care of you by himself and I think it went really well. He amazes me more and more everyday how much he steps up and wants to be involved as much as possible.

Even though Daddy is enjoying this stage, he still has a tendency of wishing you were older. He is SO looking forward to the times ahead when you will play sports, talk, and get to go on truck drives with him. 

The other day I found a game that Daddy has on his Ipad. His screen name is “SammyDoodle”. Seeing that made my heart melt! It is a real reflection of you always being #1 on his mind.


The weather has been great around here so we are trying to soak up the nice fall days as long as we can! Sam loves being outside and I hope that continues when the snow starts to fall!


Sam sucked in the sleeping department this month! He hates going to sleep, staying asleep and waking up! Just not fun! ha ha!


You are starting to give kisses and I LOVE it!!


Play, play and more play!! You love to play! When you are awake we play the whole time!! I can tell you are going to be a very active boy one day!



My dearest Sam,

How has it already been half a year? Sometimes the time feels like a lifetime. Other times, it is going by in a flash and I want time to slow right down!

I am amazed with the wonderful little guy you are becoming! Every new milestone you reach is amazing. I love watching the wonder through you. Everyday is a new adventure.

With these new milestones, there has been a realization this month that you have less “need” for me. It makes me sad to learn this but I hope that you know that I am always there for anything. As I start to step back as being your sole caregiver, know that I am around and ready to jump in whenever you need.

This half a year has been the best of my life. Not every day is easy but even through the bad days, they are blessed. I am so looking forward to the next 6 months of your life.

I love you!







  1. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!!

  2. 6 months old already?! That first picture cracks me up...he's like really mom?! Have a great weekend!