Friday, October 24, 2014

Ottawa Strong


I have been struggling with what to do for a post today. At the beginning of the week I had a whole other idea of what I wanted to write. The events in Ottawa on Wednesday made me question if I should say something on here today or not. It’s taken that long to even fully process what has happened.

Ultimately I decided to write something. There are many times that I  re-read old posts of years ago. It makes me happy to read about the happenings in my life and what I felt.

Here’s the thing, I believe that the coward from Wednesday and the people who think like he does, want the attention. They want to be written and talked about. They want to get a reaction out of Canadians. I believe they are still getting joy out from our emotions after the horrible event.

So instead I am not going to turn this into a sad post. I want it to be uplifting and a true reflection of OTTAWA STRONG!

- I think that it is amazing that Canadian soldiers volunteer their time to stand at the tomb of the unknown soldier! Day after day, a young man or woman braves the Canadian weather to pay respect his past men/women in uniform. They smile for tourists and proudly stand tall. Actually, the people who serve their country through the military astounds me. They are not only hero’s for risking their life for our country, but for leaving their loved ones for extended periods of time to to do their jobs.

- Yesterday I started proudly wearing my poppy. I know that it the veterans who have shaped Canada into what it is today. We are free because of them.

- I think of myself in a situation like a shooting and I know my reaction would be to run for my life. While other’s are running for safety, others are going straight into action! It must take a lot of strong nerves to know that you are going into a dangerous situation and still head in that directions anyways! Thank you law people!

- I am so thankful to be able to work basically at my home. No travelling at all. Many other’s I know have to travel to downtown Ottawa to work for governments and other businesses in order to help our capital  and country function. That takes hours a week of commuting and taking yourself a far distance away from your children and homes. Thank you!

We have always been a very proud and united country and I can’t help but laugh at anyone who thinks that inflicting tragedy would change that. These terrorists need a newsflash because the country they live in believes in compassion, love and unity. There is no way that is going to change.



  1. It's funny that these people want to inflict fear, but what they do is take a strong country and unite us further. My emotions have changed so much over the past 2 days too. What I felt on Wednesday is much different from what I feel today. I am so proud of my country and am amazed at the strength and resilience that our people have.

  2. This certainly has been an emotional week. I really like that you didn't turn this post into giving attention to the individual that did this, I've noticed a lot of media outlets are taking the same approach which I really appreciate as well.

  3. It was tough trying how to best deal with it at church, but in the end it was exactly what it needed to be. Singing O Canada was so reassuring.