Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What Happened To Our Dates

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that your week is going by so well. I am still filling my days with Christmas cheer! Just yesterday we decked the office out in evergreen and lights! All around me it is looking very festive. 

Yesterday was also the 1st of December! If you have been reading this blog for any time you would know that the 1st of any month means that Ryan or I open our date for that month! You have have noticed that as far as dates go, I have not been very good at updating you on what our date activity has been. And there is a very good reason for that...

We haven't done a monthly date since August. Ouch. 

Our intentions were there. We would still open the date envelope to see what the other person had planned. But a month would come and go and the date would not be completed. 

Did we still have dates at home? OH yes! LOTS! And I think that is one of the reason that these dates stopped working halfway through the year. 

We are home bodies and we have had a change in our life when we become parents. We decided when we were pregnant what being parents meant to us. To us, being parents meant spending as much time with Sam as possible. For the most part, if one of us has something going on, the other person stays home with Sam. We got REALLY good this year at taking the time after he goes to bed to be together. Have dinners together, watch movie and etc. 

Some of these dates that we planned for the remainder of the year involved outings with Sam. As much as I love to do activities as a family, the dates started to feel less like a special time as husband and wife and more like special time as Mom and Dad. I started to resent the dates a little bit because they never allowed for alone time for Ryan and I. We were constantly trying to fit the dates in between Sams schedule. 

To say I was bummed would be an understatement. It means a lot to me to spend a little time every month to focus on our marriage. Ryan and I were discussing this over supper one night. We were both not happy with the way the dates had gone. But we made a game plan that would hopefully work for next year! 

Our new plan for dates of 2016 is all dates to be at-home dates! The idea is to get creative! To come up with fun themes and activities to do together during nap time or after Sam is in bed for the night. 

Being that Ryan doesn't read my blog at all, I'll give you an example of one of the dates that I have planned! 

"Nín hǎo! For one evening, after Sam goes to bed we will enjoy a night in with a treat we never enjoy, Chinese take-out! We will see what our fortunes hold and then watch Karate Kid. Old version and new version!" 

So I hate to say it but dates 2015 were kind of a bust. We were good at spending time together but not good at following the planned dates. I think we have set up much more realistic dates for 2016 that we should have no problem completing! 


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