Monday, December 21, 2015

READY For Christmas And Another Inductee!

Happy Monday!! Welcome to CHRISTMAS week! It's only a short 4 sleeps away and I am very excited! One of the reasons I am so excited is because our weekend was a little bit more relaxed with more time at home which meant we got lots of Christmas things done. We also enjoyed a lot of Christmas activities! 

Friday afternoon Ryan grabbed Sam and a pizza. I was spent from the week! When the boys got home I noticed this cute little snowman that Sam (with help I imagine!) had made at daycare! I thought it was SO adorable! I instantly brought it downstairs to put on our special Christmas tree! 

We all enjoyed our pizza supper, played and then put Sam down to bed. When Sam went down Ryan and I got to work! We brought out all the Christmas presents (minus stockings and for each other) and got to wrapping while enjoying Miracle on 34th Street and 8 Crazy Nights! Two great Christmas movies! 

Saturday was on of the first days we actually had to ourselves at home! I can't remember a day that we have spent entirely at home! It was awesome! We played outside, I made some buns and we just really enjoyed ourselves! 

We all had a Saturday afternoon nap and then got ready for Christmas with my family! 

It is a lot of fun and crazy with 4 young kids at Christmas! They are all a ball of energy and feed off of eachother! It is so much fun! We had a delicious turkey dinner, Christmas ice cream cake for dessert and headed up stairs to exchange gifts. Paper and bows were flying everywhere as parcels were opened! 

Sunday morning Sam slept in and then we had a relaxing morning before getting ready for church! Ryan had worked that night starting at 2 AM and was getting tired but decided to join us for church and take Sam down to Sunday school so I could enjoy the sermon. 

We had a quick lunch and then both my boys headed to bed. While they slept I put on White Christmas and FINISHED my wrapping by doing my secret stocking person and Ryan's gifts. I am so excited to be done! 

I woke both the boys up at 4 as we were having best friends Amanda and Josh over for our Christmas together! Sam was in such a good mood with the excitement of having friends (and new people, ha ha) to play with! He was just giggling away and running around enjoying all the extra attention! 

We all exchanged gifts and Amanda and Josh got us the coolest gift. Dates bags! Little bags with tags and date supplies! Example, movie date bag that contains popcorn, snacks, popcorn bowls. 

We got them a couple of new games and treats! One game we opened to enjoyed after our Taco supper! Exploding kittens! If you see it, GRAB it! We laughed and laughed at this game! It is so fun and intense! It's like Russian Roulette and a little poker all rolled into one card game! It's awesome! 

We had an awesome time with enjoying and appreciating great friends this Christmas! 


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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love that snowman that Sam cute!