Monday, December 14, 2015

Parade, Piano and No Time To Rest!

Happy Monday everyone! I have to admit, I am sort of glad to see this weekend come to an end. It's not that it was necessarily bad, just busy. Too busy. I feel like we did so much running around that it was hard to focus on family time. We was all about timing and getting from one location to another. 

But with that being said, it was actually still a good weekend! 

Friday night, I kind of kicked the boys out of the house and my MIL graciously had the boys over for supper so that I could get ready to host our Christmas book club without a toddler attached to my leg. I got my food ready, tidied up the house and eventually sat back with wine and my knitting. It was a very relaxing way to get ready for an event. 

Book club was great! There were 11 members there which makes for lots of pot luck food options (yum!) and good book discussions! We covered "Little Earthquakes" by Jennifer Weiner. A good read if you are looking for something light! 

Saturday morning I was up early to get ready for our busy day! When the boys got up Sam was so excited to see a kitchen stool! A friend from book club had an extra and parted with it for the small fee of a donation to a good charity. Sam knew exactly how to climb up on his own and proceeded to help me make breakfast! It is so nice to have it and I don't feel like I have to watch him every second when he is up there, scared he is going to fall down! 

We headed to a Quebec liberal brunch and then the boys left to go home and I stayed in Shawville to have lunch with my parents. I had to grab a couple of groceries. We are having a "no spend" week this week! Eating whatever we have in the home already and only bought $30 of groceries this week to get us through. 

I had a few minutes to spare so I looked over my piano music because it was recital time. I was a little nervous. I had never played piano in front of many people before. I had been practicing both melodies of Away In A Manger for weeks now and when it was my time to perform, I froze. 

I completely sucked. My fingers were shaking, my eyes blurred over so I couldn't see the music, it was honestly a huge disappointment. I know the pieces so well and I played SO badly. It was a little disheartening when you have worked so hard at something and then fail at the execution.

But I headed home to a quiet house as Sam was napping. I rested, made supper and did more knitting. I was glad to have the 30 minutes of rest time! 

I was able to get out of my glum mood as soon as Sam woke up! It was going to be a fun evening! We ate a homemade pizza for supper, played before bundling up to head out to the Santa Claus parade in our home town! We were going to mess with Sam's schedule because it was going to be his first time meeting the Jolly Ol' fellow! 

The parade was beautiful! And Sam LOVED all the lights! He got a little stuffed giraffe from one of the parade floats and clung to it! We got to the hall and were one of the first people in line to see Santa. I was pretty sure Sam was going to cry his head off when we placed him on Santa's lap. He had been a teething grump all weekend. Well he shocked us and never even shed a year! Even had a couple grins. He was big on showing Santa his phone! 

The next morning we all got ready for church had a great service and then Ryan went home to give Sam lunch while I enjoyed a Wine and Cheese gathering next door at Jills! It was a relaxing visit with lots of congregation members. 

Oh and the boys made breakfast! 

When I got home, Sam and Ryan both went down to sleep and I got sewing! I wanted to finish my nieces Christmas present. Last year we got her a 18 inch doll and this year we made her a little clothing storage unit and lots of new items! Toque, hat, tutu, shirt, skirt, 3 pairs of pants, shoes, backpack, 2 dresses, skirt, new coat and a pair of glasses! I hope she loves it! 

We had a quiet evening at home for the rest of the evening and just as I was heading to bed, Ryan headed to work! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. sounds like a busy weekend!! Love that stool!!! I need to find one! Sam did great with Santa!! We took Noah this weekend too and he did better than I expected!! He also loved the village parade here!! I love the idea of a no spend week! We should do that!!

  2. Sam is so cute standing up on that stool! I'm sorry that your piano recital didn't go well.

  3. I am sorry you didn't play up to you potential. If you want more time in front of people, you can play for us before church. We would all enjoy that! Hugs.