Friday, December 11, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the bit of random postings. Company year end has kicked my butt this year. So many numbers and balance sheets. My head is swirling. 

So we beat a record here in the Ottawa area yesterday. The hottest December 10th since 1946!! Wow! The latest we have ever cut sod on the farm is December 8th. We have officially broke that record and are greatly exceeding it!We are still shipping sod and in the near future, we don't see that stopping! 

It's been a kind of crazy end of season that way. While the order book is much quieter, there are some days we are sanding icy roads and shipping sod on the same day, weird. As a farmer you kind of live for the weather and roll with the punches. I don't necessarily believe in the "global warming" excuse for our warm winter. Historically, it was almost this warm in 1946. As a farmer, you just take the weather for what it is and do your best to continue to work with what Mother Nature gives you. 

In our home, we are still gearing up for a great Christmas together. I am never going to complain about a green Christmas! I know a lot of people disagree, but it still feels like Christmas despite the lack of snow! 

I brought out a bunch of Christmas books that I thought we could start reading to Sam during December. Actually, Ryan and I were hoping these new books would allow us to stop reading the SAME BOOK HE MAKES US READ EVERY NIGHT FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS! 

Literally, every night Sam whines and asks for the "truck" book. If he try to read him something else he has a complete meltdown. What is this book that he loves so much and that Ryan and I know now off by heart? 

"Everything's Better With A Beard" by the Duck Dynasty guys! 

He is obsessed with this book!! It's been a solid 3 months of reading ONLY this book at bed time! Ugh! 

I MAY have spoken too soon about being SO ready for Christmas. Yes, all the shopping and baking is done. But starting this weekend there are so many Christmas activities that I have zero time to do the final Christmas prep and wrap! Literally, no free weekend time! It will get done and I am going to enlist force Ryan to help! Time for elf duties to be split in this household! 

 How are the Christmas duties split in your home? 

Have a great weekend! 



  1. I still have some shopping to do but if there is a big snow storm that no one can get anywhere (ya know, no plows)on the day that Ricky and I took off to do last minute things, we would still survive Christmas! I have to do baking, maybe this weekend, we'll see...not in the mood this year to do baking...and I find it expensive. I pretty much do all the gifts and wrapping. Ricky takes care of the more magical things - santa letters, treats for Santa and Reindeer.

  2. Reg and I do most of it together, including wrapping. I don't bake a lot, just ambrosia muffins, that I won a cooking contest with.