Friday, December 4, 2015

My Family Christmas Traditions

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that your weekend went by smoothly! 

Listen, there is a lot out there about Christmas! And guess what? I am totally into as well right now! I am happy to report that I am DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Everything from stocking stuffers, bows and paper and Christmas baking supplies. 

This is kind of exciting for me! I feel like I am able to sit back for the rest of December and slowly prepare for the exciting day. Wrapping at a leisurely pace and just enjoy all the holiday time with my family and friends. 

I think one of the reasons that I get a little stressed during the holiday season is because I want to fulfill all of my normal Christmas traditions. It's a short time frame but I really want to fit all of those special traditions into this time. Without them, it just doesn't feel like Christmas! 

1. Decorating for Christmas just isn't the same without Wayne Rostad's, Christmas In The Valley. There is something about those songs that makes me feel so cozy and warm. I have been listening to those songs since I was a kid and we would listen to it as we decorated our tree. When I was younger I would roll my eyes at the old fashioned songs but now they mean a lot more to me. 

2. We were pretty slow at unwrapping gifts. It would start with my parents torturing my brother and I as we waited to open stockings while they made coffee. Finally, the would settle in their room and begin opening stockings. Youngest (aka: me!) always went first! Stocking gifts were always wrapped. One by one we would open  gifts and then when stockings were done we would head down to the basement to see what Santa had brought. But not before Dad would torture us at the top of the stairs saying that Santa had been there. We were SLOW opening gifts. One person at a time. The big thing was that we would have name tags, sometimes silly ones. Sure some said "Love, Santa" but a lot would say something different. Love, Mrs. Claus, The Elves, Frosty, or even Tim the Tool Man (a little hint there). 

3. Around the Christmas season, Mom would make short bread cookies to enjoy. Once Jared and I got older we would begin wanting to help her with this task. One of our "jobs" was to roll the shortbread cookies. One year we were being silly and as we were "rolling" the cookies we thought we'd be funny and instead make them into the shape of worms. Mom would act all mad but would proceed to bake our worms anyways. From there on our we always had special Christmas shortbread worms! And the tradition continues in my own home. 

4. Every year it was my Dad's job to put up the Christmas lights. He is KIND OF meticulous about the task and it would take him all day to do it. One the first Sunday of Advent we would all head outside and the "lighting ceremony". We would walk a piece down the road as someone plugged the lights in. We would all "ohhh and ahhh" at the pretty lights! Another tradition that I drag Ryan into! ha ha! 

5. Christmas eve is just as important to me as Christmas day! There are some things that HAVE to happen! For one, Christmas Eve church service. I think it is so important to take that time as a family and reflect what the true meaning as to what the season is all about, the birth of the Son of God. It is such a joyous service and a great time to reflect. At the end of service we all sing "Silent Night" which is lead by acoustic guitar while the whole church is light by candle light. It really is one of the most beautiful moments of the year. 

After church, we head home where we have some special treats, set out cookies/milk for Santa,  carrots for the reindeer and read "T'was The Night Before Christmas". Christmas Eve is just a really special time and the beginning of the celebration of Christmas as a family! 

What are some of your Christmas traditions? 


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  1. Christmas Eve always turns out amazing, but it is the service I stress over the most. I am always scared I'll screw something up, and ruin everyone's Christmas. I love the shortbread worms, and Sam as a candy cane!! Merry Christmas!