Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 Inductee's Onto Lindsay & Ryan's Christmas Tree

Wow! I can't believe I have been doing a post about our special Christmas tree since 2011! Here's a little review...

Rather than buying a whole bunch of souvenir's when Ryan and I go somewhere together, we always picked up a Christmas ornament instead to remind of us of that special trip. We also put  special ornaments that people have given to us and ornaments that represent a special time in our lives. 

Here's the past posts...

Oh I loved reading through all of those and remembering all the fun times that we have had and how much our lives have changed since we started this tradition together! 

Every year my MIL gets the girls a special ornament from her! Last year I received this adorable snow man! 

Sammy also got his own ornament for "baby's first Christmas" from his Nana. A cute little Mickey Mouse! 

Ryan and I were also given our own Mommy and Daddy's first Christmas with Sam! It was given to us by Aunt Shirley and cousin Katelyn! I don't know where she finds these neat personalized ones but she always does! 

We also got this little reminder of our first Christmas as a family of 3! Our first Christmas with our boy, such an exciting time. This ornament was from best friends Amanda and Josh! 

I have gotten so much better at marking the boxes the ornaments sit in to be sure to mark who it is from and the year but somehow this one got missed. Eek. I'm PRETTY sure this one was given to us by our neighbors and family, Uncle Jared, Aunt Holly and Family. A special ornament for Sam! 

This next ornament I picked up on my own, when I was not with Ryan and Sam. This ornament actually represents the first extended time I was without Ryan and Sam on a much needed girls trip with best friend Jilly! We traveled to Nova Scotia to relax and take in all the sights and sounds of the east coast! It was such a fun trip and one I hope we can repeat again! :) 

At our company Christmas party an employee handed me this ornament brand new in the box that he wanted me to have. It had belonged to his Mom and he never used it to decorate a tree. I thought it was so sweet of him to give it to me. I love vintage Christmas stuff. 

This last edition was just given to me on Monday night! Sam's FIRST homemade Christmas ornament! When I was a kid, my parents tree would be decorated with mostly homemade Christmas ornaments that my brother and I had made. It's pretty neat to be able to hang Sam's first homemade ornament. The first of many I am sure! 

Happy Wednesday! 



  1. We do this too! A christmas ornament is a much better souvenir than anything else and I love looking at past years ornaments and remembering what we got them for!

  2. We do this too! A christmas ornament is a much better souvenir than anything else and I love looking at past years ornaments and remembering what we got them for!

  3. Some great additions to this year's tree! I was excited to hang my Nova Scotia ornaments on my tree this year (even though I did kinda steal your idea lol). Very nice! :)

  4. Love that you do this! It will make for some great memories in years to come

  5. That reminds me I should pull out the ornament we got Noah from st. Martin! We are going to try to get an ornament from every trip we take with him! Love the homemade ornament!! Too cute!!

  6. I love your ornaments and their stories. All mine have stories too, especially my hand blown glass icicles from Germany. Maybe one year we should have show and tell at church with our ornaments.