Friday, August 14, 2015

A Few Things On This Friday BEFORE MY HOLIDAYS!

Happy (finally) Friday everyone! I hope that you have had a great week that passed by in a blink. Mine has been weird. With daycare being closed it makes me feel like we are sort of out of our routine! Yesterday morning I scrambled to tie up all the lose ends at the office so that I could be off for the rest of the afternoon with my boy! Oh boy and was he having an off day yesterday! While Sam napped I got all of the family laundry done so that today I could pack because we are heading out for a family summer holiday to my parents cottage in NS!

Here are a few things that I am looking forward to next week....

- NO alarm clock. Yes, I know with a child a vacation isn't really a "relaxing" holiday and Sam will likely get us up every morning before 7. But I am looking forward to not waking up to a 4:30 AM alarm clock! 

- Waking up to this view! For most of the week it will be just the three of us at the cottage so Ryan and I are going to stay in the master bedroom that has this awesome view of the ocean right when you wake up! 

- Peaceful nap times! I am REALLY good at doing nothing. I crave nothing! During nap times I am going to sit out by the ocean and read, nap myself, binge watch Netflix, and even knit! Yes, I will be that person who packs knitting needles in her suitcase. I have a little project that I am working on and crafting to me, is peaceful! 

- Checking out a couple of the local sights. Last year, we went to a few of the Eastern Canada landmarks. We got to see the Bluenose and check out the harbor. This year, we want to go to Queensland Beach for a morning and go to Peggy's Cove. Peggy's Cove is only 20 minutes from the cottage! A perfect quick trip! 

- Ordering Pizza in! Last time we were at the cottage we ordered a pizza in from Pizza Town. SUCH good pizza and they deliver right to us! 

- A few "dates" with Ryan. I am a firm believer that marriage takes work! I think you need to continue to get to know someone as the years together go on. We really don't need fancy alone dates. A board game, movie night, game of cards or just sitting and talking by the water, those are the dates that I am looking forward to next week. 

No computer, my boys, lobster, scallops, spa time, more than one coffee a day....honestly, my list could go on and on! I cannot wait!

I hope that everyone has a good weekend and week next week! 



  1. I'm SO jealous!! It looks beautiful! Have a great trip - we'll miss you guys at Rylie's birthday party!

  2. Enjoy your well deserved holiday, Lindsay, Ryan, and Sam! Smell the ocean air for me, I miss that. Hugs.