Friday, August 28, 2015

Lifted Mood - Change Of Post

Happy Friday everyone! I had a whole other post already written up and ready to share with you all. I had written the majority of it yesterday and it was one of those "real" posts. It wasn't necessarily negative but it was a little shift in what I normally write. 

Then, yesterday I went and got Sam. As we were driving out the daycare laneway we met friends Ricky and Stacy who were there to pick up their daughter Mady as well. All summer Mady has been spending her summer at Sams daycare helping and playing with the other little girl who is her age. 

Mady usually comes with Sam and I in the morning which has been so fun! Yesterday, Stacy stopped me before I rolled onto the highway and handed me a box with a card on the top. 

I was a little shocked as I didn't know what it was for! It had the cutest little note on top and inside gourmet donuts from Suzy Q donuts!! AHH! Yum! 

The card had Chihuahuas on the front (she knows me so well! ha ha!) and a gift card for Boston Pizza! One of most recent favorite spots because one finally opened in a convenient location and is very kid friendly! 

As I said, I was shocked! I feel as though it is me that should be thankful! Mady has been my little helper in the morning! Entertaining Sam when I get my coffee ready, picking up his bottle when he drops it in the car and I know a big help at daycare! I have really enjoyed her company in the morning and our chats! I will miss her when she starts school next week! Even Tucker has warmed up to Mady and looks forward to his morning back rub. 

Thank you Mady and Stacy for making the end of my crazy work week so bright! You really made my week! 

Mady, Sam and I are really going to miss seeing you every morning but we know you are going to do amazing this year in school! 

Have a good weekend everyone! 



  1. Glad you liked it! I was in a crafty mood this week - everyone is getting gifts at daycare today, Maddy probably told you! HAHA!

  2. I love when surprise acts of kindness happen... Stacy is good at that! Always so thoughtful!! Love the tag on the box, so cute!!

  3. That was really thoughtful, and looks yummy.Maddy sure is a good helper.