Wednesday, August 5, 2015

That's What Long Weekends Are All About...

Happy Wednesday everyone! I can't believe that it is already the middle of the week! This past weekend was extended and it was really great! I LOVE long weekends but I HATE Tuesdays after a long weekend! There are always a million things to do and not enough time. Not to mention getting back on work-week schedule is so hard! Sam and I were both in bed super early! 

This weekend was perfect! We got to spend so much time together, especially with that added day. 

Long weekends start perfectly when your wonderful daycare supplier sends home a little treat! Brazilian buns that were the afternoon snack! She is originally from Brazil and this is a treat for them. They were DELICIOUS! I may (aka: definitely) have eaten 2 on the way home! 

Ryan and I watched 3 movies on Netflix this weekend! It's feeling like we are going to run out of choices soon! 

I love that on weekends I get to drink out of a real coffee mug instead of my travel mug! 

I also love my Saturday summer tradition of reading the paper and sipping my coffee in the early morning! This 1-2 hours before Sam and Ryan get up are amazing! I get ready and have some quiet time! 

We ran and got groceries and got the stuff to start the outdoor bathroom reno! The pool place bathroom has been needing a face lift for a while and we are going to attempt to do it all ourselves! Eek! 

Sam is all about books lately! He loves to "read" it all himself. 

This weekend the sweet corn has started to sell! One of my favorite foods! I also bought local honey, beans and potatoes. After a snack of corn with supper, I blanched and froze the other corn. A little taste of summer is in the freezer. 

Sunday some friends gathered pool side for a non-birthday celebration (ha ha!) but it was so fun to watch all the kiddos together! Sam napped while I visited for a couple of hours and then he wore himself out from keeping up with all the big kids! 

All weekend long, Sam has been practicing walking on his own. He could take some steps but would still rather crawl everywhere. All weekend long he has been trying at more walking. On Monday, it seemed to finally "click" and he hardly crawled all day! Now we have a walker on our hands and a big part of me is relieved that he is finally walking. At 16 months old, we were getting some questions as to why he wasn't walking yet. It is so cute to watch him walk around. I think everything looks really new to him at this angle because he'll break out in laughter while walking around. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 



  1. Oh man - I wish Rylie was crawling more than walking. She's so clumsy like me, it's funny! But she keeps running into the coffee table, the couch, the wall...etc. Glad to hear Sam's on his way to walking full-time :)

  2. Can we get Fabiana to send a few extra of those buns next time? I want to try one! haha! They look yummy!! Thanks to you & Ryan again for hosting the pool party Sunday, it was such a nice afternoon. I was playing with the colour/brightness adjustments on that pic of Sam and loved how it turned out! :)

  3. I got corn from Anita today. It made me miss Buster :(. I have lots of beans from my garden too. I love all this fresh food. Sam is very cute walking!