Monday, August 24, 2015

Farewell To Nova Scotia...For Now!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you had an amazing week! Things are a little rough this morning! We flew in from our week away at the cottage in Nova Scotia yesterday afternoon. After grabbing groceries, unpacking and making supper we were all pretty tired and looking forward to bed! This morning it is almost like holidays never happened! Up early, lunches made and out the door to daycare right on schedule! It is so weird how we can go from living life in vacation mode to being snapped back to reality so quickly! 

But the adjustment is nice! I have to admit, while living without too much structure over the last week, there is something so nice about being back into our routine. I guess I like knowing that to expect. I hated not having a meal plan all week and just grabbing something when we felt like it. 

Overall, the week was AMAZING! The weather was perfect and I can honestly say this has been our best trip to the cottage! It was fun, casual, relaxed and for the first time over 3 visits, Sam slept and I am more rested after any vacation we have had as a family! 

We kind of wanted to keep this trip relaxed. Not plan TOO many things. We did make a little promise though. We know we will be making many trips to Nova Scotia in the years to come and we don't want to over plan our trip with sight seeing every year! We want to be able to enjoy and relax. But we also want to enjoy and take in some of the tourist sights. So our plan is to do 1 tourist thing a year! This year was Peggy's Cove! 

Other than that the cottage plan is the same! Slow mornings, late morning outings, lunch and nap at the cottage, boat rides, sand castles, Mommy and Daddy dates (after Sam is in bed) and games! Here is a few pictures that best details our trip to the cottage for 2015! 

Oh, I take it back! Give me the water, boats, beach and sleeping in over routine! Take me back to the cottage life! 

Hope you all had a fantastic week! 



  1. I wish...I hope to visit next year!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip, when do you and Jill go? We hope to go next year, depends on finances.

  3. Soo much fun!! Such a great opportunity for Sam too!! Glad you guys got in another great family trip!!