Monday, August 10, 2015

A Very Domestic Weekend and The Time Sam Played With A Dead Mouse

Happy Monday! Where has the weekend go? I had an unexpected and busy day on the road on Friday! Lots of driving! Hence the lack of posting! 

Thursday afternoon, Ryan left for a four-wheeling trip with a bunch of friends and so it was just Sam and I this weekend. It's funny to think back on some of the first times I was left alone with Sam for an extended period of time. I was worried at the thought of it but quickly learnt that it's really not that bad. I really like the fact that I get Sam 100% to myself. 

We stayed pretty close to home this weekend. Mostly because there were other things that needed to be done and lack of plans. It was nice though to get caught up on a couple of chores around the house! 

We had a quiet evening on Friday and a Pita Pizza supper. Sam seemed extra tired that evening but since he has started walking he had a few days where going to bed has been a problem. Thankfully, Friday wasn't AS bad as the previous night. 

Saturday morning we took our morning selfie to send to Dad and then got ready for our day! I put the finishing touches on a shower gift and we loaded up the car. I left for the bridal shower an hour before I was suppose to because I wanted to allow lots of time for Sam to have a decent morning nap in the car. 

We had a great time at the shower and Sam had so much fun playing with all the other kids there! 

We got home and Sam went down for his nap at his usual time. While he napped, I worked on my garden. 

After collecting the veggies, I came inside to get to work. I wanted to get more corn in the freezer! I got an awesome new tool from pampered chef that allows you to take the corn off the husk! I almost have enough bags in the freezer now to last us the Winter. I can't wait to have that fresh corn taste all year long.

(2 dozen cobs gives me 10 bags with 1.5 cups of corn)

I also got to sewing a little table runner project I have been working on. I decided to hand sew it because there is something relaxing about working on something like this while I watch TV. 

Sam had an awesome nap and I eventually had to wake him up! We went outside for a long walk and lots of playtime before enjoying an easy meal that I had prepared in the freezer! 

We played some more and Sam was seeming really grumpy and tired. I took him up to get ready for bed before 6:30 and put him down. Surprisingly enough, he fall asleep almost instantly. I think I tired him out! #mommywin 

That evening I enjoyed a glass of wine while I made some pickles and pickled beans! I also sat down for a documentary on Netflix. 

The next morning Sam and I had some running around to do so we were up early and out the door! Not before his Sunday Selfie though! 

It was First Aid training day for the farm and we had to set it all up. I was setting up the tables and chairs while Sam wandered around. I looked over my shoulder to check on him and saw something grey that he was playing with. I tried to look more closely and realized it was a DEAD MOUSE! I screamed bloody murder and scared Sam and I ran out of the basement to my car where I knew I had some wipes and soap. Ew! 

That afternoon Ryan got home and it was nice to catch up and get a little break! It was a HOT afternoon so we spent a lot of time outside by our water table! Oh and after supper we went and got Sam his first ice cream cone! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. Yup, a mini-Ryan in every single picture! It was nice seeing you guys on Saturday xox

  2. He is soo cute and getting so big! Love the date night basket idea!! Glad to see he loves the slide too!! Dead mouse?? Yuck I would have freaked hahah
    That runner looks like it will be cute! Can't wait to see it finished!