Monday, February 15, 2016

Go Away Cold And Flu Season!

Happy Monday everyone! I am rounding up enough energy to type today.

It was been a rough week.

We all know the expression "vacation from my vacation" but our home has been hit HARD with the cold and flu germs!

I don't know if it is because our systems were down from the travelling but when the germs hit our home, we got it! Pretty much any kind of cold/flu symptom you can have, we had! I just felt so sorry for Sam because he didn't understand what was happening. 

We spent some time in our PJS recovering and eventually things started to turn around! 

I had to buck up and go to a tradeshow even though that was the very last thing I wanted to do! 

In the evenings I got Sam's Valentines ready for his friends and loved ones! Little Bird seed hangers in the shape of a heart! 

The weekend arrived and things started to look up! We decided to head to our Valentine traditional spot of Ladysmith for wings! Sam was such a good boy throughout the meal. 

It all went down hill that afternoon. I don't know what I ate or what I came down with, but Saturday evening and throughout Sunday, I was very ill! I most I've been sick in a long time, when I had JUST been down with the flu exactly a week before! Thankfully, Ryan had Saturday night off work and was able to be both Daddy and care taker to me. 

Thankfully, I'm on the mend now! To go up a flight of stairs carrying Sam feels like I ran a marathon since it's been 7 days without a proper meal. I'm very weak but into work this morning getting some paperwork ready for an important meeting. Here's hoping for no more sickness for the rest of this winter! 

Has any bugs hit your house? 



  1. Yuck - hope you are all on the mend

  2. Oh man, hope you guys are feeling better! The flu sucks especially when you have to be a parent as well

  3. I didn't know you were sick, but I missed you folks at church. Healing prayer abound, Lindsay.

  4. Ugh that does not sound fun at all!! I will agree vacation with a toddler was a lot more work haha but fun nonetheless!! Hope you are all on the mend!!