Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Our Disney Cruise Trip - The Details - Part 2

As I mentioned before, it was been quite the week for sickness! I woke up yesterday morning though feeling like a completely different person! I had energy back, I felt motivated to do a little house work without feeling spent, and I could eat and drink everything normally. The trend continues today and so I feel like I am 100% mended and it is a welcomes relief to this normally fast-paced girl. 

Today, I'd like to continue re-capping our trip! I want to get it documented so that I have it written out for me to have for memory-sake.

The hard thing about going from Disney World to a Disney Cruise is you instantly have to go into relaxation mode! At Disney World you are running around going from one ride to another. Disney Cruise they look after so much for you and it is so relaxing in comparison.

One of my most favorite features of the Disney Cruise was their dining service! Every day was a different menu and at the beginning of your trip you had a schedule of which restaurant you would be in that night. Our ship had three restaurants. Animators Palace was a fun, colorful and cartoon filled restaurant. Royal Court was a princesses palace. Finally, Enchanted Garden was a outdoor themed fancy restaurant. Disney Cruise offers rotation dining which means that the server stays with you for your whole trip! No matter which restaurant we were at that night, we had the same waiter. This way he really got to know our needs. Sam would have chocolate milk waiting for him and he also knew to not bring Sam's meal out until ours was ready. It was great!

The food every night for supper was AMAZING! Honestly, looking at the new menu every night was my favorite part. I got to try some foods that I would normally never get to try. It was usually 3-4 courses! Dessert being a highlight for sure!

Star Wars themed dessert! 

There were also an awesome breakfast buffet (that also turned into lunch buffet but we only ate there once and weren't fans). Near the pool was our favorite lunch spot, Mater's Tow. It had the BEST chicken fingers either of us had ever had! There were all of the favorite Diner options. After you were done lunch you could head around the corner to Eye Scream, a soft self serve ice cream place! It was 6 different flavors you could choose from! We got pretty good at getting the perfect cone swirl.

Also on our ship were two movie theatres! You could go to any of their feature movies at any time. We only did this once with Sam because we was way more interested in the popcorn then the movie. We only got to see about 30 minutes of The Good Dinosaur.

Another good feature I should mention, but that may not work for everyone is their on board child care. While it was important for us to go on a trip WITH Sam, we thought we'd give this on board child care a try for a day during his nap. It was great! On the first full day of cruising, we checked out the facilities and met the care givers. On day 3, we took Sam with all his sleep aids (soother, teddy), diapers and handed him over. They gave us a phone that worked on the ship. We headed off to the quiet adult pool not really relaxing because we were worried about Sam.

20 minutes later we got a text from the nursery to let us know that Sam was fast asleep! We settled in with a couple adult beverages and read, swam and chatted. It was so nice to be able to get a few hours of not running after a toddler or being stuck in our room for nap time. We signed Sam up for 2 more afternoon sleeps like this! It was nice to be able to have that time to ourselves and yet know that Sam was somewhere safe getting his afternoon nap. It allowed us both to be able to leave our room rather then we always cooped up.

An awesome in room feature, Disney Movies on your TV in your room. If Sam woke up early some mornings we would have a pre-breakfast snack while watching a movie. The TV guide basically gave you a choice of almost ANY Disney animated film there was! You could pause and re-start it. No fuss with DVD's! It was great! 

Finally, there is a US rule that said that non-potty trained children are allowed in the pools. Very understandable and to accommodate the much younger crowd, there is a splash area just for them!! Nemo's Reef was a huge play area with lots of fish water features and even a water slide! Sam took a little while to warm up to this area but after an hour was in LOVE! We couldn't even walk by it without him insisting on going in. The best part is that it's near a children's pool and for the most part, not busy as all. There were lounge chairs outside Nemo's so Ryan would typically go play with Sam in the water while I would sit back in the sun and read for a while. 

Also for toddler entertainment, was "Toddler Time" everyday at 11! It was 2 hours in a room at the VERY top of the ship. It had an AMAZING view. The staff would set up fun play area's for the young kids and set out coffee and muffins for the adults to enjoy while the kids played! We did this a couple of times! Between Nemo's Reef and this play time, Sam never had any issues napping! 

Part 3 coming soon! 


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  1. It looks like you had a terrific balance of fun times with Sam, and some adult time too.