Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was filled with celebrations, friends, family and time with Sam! A wonderful combination! 

On Friday, the farm hosted it's annual snowmobile trip! We host this for a few of our clients as a way to show appreciation and to get out with clients who we have known for years and are friends. We had a big gang this year, 20 sleds! I hear they all had a wonderful time! After I picked Sam up, we joined all the guys back at the bar to say Hi! Sam proceeded to eat his weight in french fries, which made supper really easy! 

We got home, bathed and got ready for bed. Sam would not leave daycare that afternoon with out this baby doll. He was carrying it around all night (and weekend). So, before bed on Friday, I got to snuggle with my real baby and this baby doll. This is Sam helping the baby to pray during our bedtime prayer. 

Saturday morning Sam slept in and I got lots of coffee time in! We were invited down to visit with my parents so that Ryan could sleep in peace and quiet. My dad was driving around plowing all the laneways and Sam heard the tractor and instantly starting flipping out and trying to get outside. I quickly put his boots on and he ran to the tractor to go for a drive! This little guy is obsessed with tractors and trucks! Grandpa was happy to have a little helper! So Sam had a good 30 minute tractor ride. 

We had a fun visit with my parents where Sam proceeded to eat them out of the house. He must be going through some sort of growth spurt because the amount of food he is eating this last week is astounding! 

I decided it would be nice to get out and about, so we headed to the Shawville Library for Story Time! It was a cute story about finding the right hat! Sam enjoyed it a lot and we will be back sometime in the future! 

We got home in time for a quick lunch and down for a nap. While Sam napped I made a lasagna for Sunday nights supper. I love a nice homemade lasagna but I always forget how many steps/dishes/time it takes to make one! But was glad to have it done! 

I got ready and headed out the door with friends to downtown Ottawa for a little farewell party for friend, Josee. We had a delicious supper and cake at the Royal Oak before transforming into artists! 

We all had such a good time doing Paint Nite! It was a great way to spent an evening! 

The best part is that we all got to have a similar painting for our homes!

I have to say I am not a very artistic person but I do like this painting because it goes with my paint color in the kitchen! 

We all had a lazy Sunday morning as I made some homemade garlic breaksticks, we watched The Wiggles and ate breakfast. 

Then it was time to head out to church where Sam was the only kid there and I think he loved all the attention. At the beginning of the service Sam decided to join the Minister in her pew behind the pulpit. It was so cute! I love that he feels so comfortable at church. He knows the routine and the people so well. 

We had a yummy bacon/egg breakfast at my parents before headed home where both boys went down for a nap! I got the last of the supper preparations done as we were having some special guests over! We were having Ryan's family over to celebrate Nana's birthday! We had a wonderful visit and it was the perfect way to end the weekend! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. I love lasagna too but hate that I make a big batch of sauce and it literally is gone to one meal haha!
    Heard Sam was the only kid at Church - quiet day!

  2. I loved having Sam join me in my pew. Thanks for the picture. I love it.