Friday, February 19, 2016

Valentine's 2016

Happy Friday everyone! Wow! Where has the last week gone!? 

I'd like to take a little Disney break to talk about our Valentines day! To be honest, Ryan and I don't really celebrate Valentines day. We usually get each other a card and write a sweet note but that's it. At the same time, we recognize the day by doing nice things for one another. We want to show Sam love all year along but taking the day to go above and beyond the usual to make another person feel special. 

Now that Sam is in daycare, I am constantly trying to make sure that I teach Sam about showing love and appreciation to his friends! Valentines is a great opportunity to give friends a little token! 

I had an idea for a little bird feeder craft but wanted something personalized from Sam. One snow day that he was home with me, I decided he could paint some cards for his friends. He picked out the colors he wanted and things were going really well at first...

And then his creative genius took over and he couldn't control the art. 

It was a mess but he was loving it. As much messes drive me nuts, I'm getting better at forgetting it in the short term knowing that it will eventually be clean again. Enjoying the moment and the fun that is happening. 

Thank goodness for non-toxic kids paint! 

We kept Sam's master pieces and I cut them out into hearts. 

Next was making the bird feeders! The first recipe I used was a DISASTER! Basically, birdseed soup! But I learnt through trial and error how to make a binder. It's basically out of corn syrup and flour. If you find a recipe that does not contain corn syrup and flour, it will not bind! 

I used a better recipe and used a heart-shaped cookie cutter I had on hand. I used a straw to make the hole for hanging them. I set them on a cookie tray at night and by the next morning they were hardened! 

With scissors I cut off the closer part of a ziploc sandwich bag to package them up. A pretty red or pink ribbow to close up the bags. The tags read:

"To: Name 

I think you're a "Tweet"heart! 

Love, Sam"

Ryan and I started a tradition early in our relationship of going to Ladysmith Hotel for wings! We always like the idea of going to one of our favorite local hotspots rather then trekking to the city to some fancy, over-crowded restaurant! I hate crowds and I do not want to fight them to have a Valentines day meal! 

Ladysmith was perfect and Sam has joined us for the last two years! We had the whole restaurant to ourselves which was perfect because Sam isn't the best at restaurants lately. Doesn't like to sit and wait for food or for everyone to be done eating! 

But Sam must have known it was a special day because he sat and was a very good boy!  

"Cheers Mommy to Valentines day!" 

How did you spent Valentines day? 

Have a great weekend! 


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  1. Love Sam's crafts, good for you for letting him go wild, and make a mess. Kids clean up, messes do too.