Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year!

I don't know why, but leap years fascinate me! I only know of one person who's birthday lands on February 29! I just think it's so neat that we all get an extra day this year! 

The weekend started out perfectly as I was away from the office for a bit in the morning and grabbed a FREE Tim's coffee! 

I knew starting out this weekend that it would be mostly a weekend with just Sam and I. Ryan had Friday night off of work! But Saturday he made plans to go sledding for the day. 

Friday night Sam helped me grab the mail and was fascinated with it. Luckily, it was mostly just junk and he proceeded to look through all the mail all night rather than play with any of his toys! 

After Sam went down to bed, Ryan and I did our February date! It involved a few competitive games. The winner of best out of 3, got a 10 minute back massage. First we played rummy, and I SMOKED Ryan. Then the next game Ryan chose was Yahtzee and again, I won by almost 100 points! Woo hoo! 

I was up early Saturday morning and Ryan headed off on the sled. I got some chores done and then Sam woke up STARVING! He has been eating SO much food lately! It must be a growth spurt! After eating 2 pieces of french toast, bagel with cream cheese, 1 apple and 1/2 a banana, we headed to my parents for a visit where he ate 2 Eggo waffles. I have no idea where he puts it all! 

Finally, I had to say no to anymore food! With all the food we played and visited with my parents for a bit. Grandpa and Sam were really into puzzles that morning.  

We headed to the curling rink to buy some 50/50 tickets to support our local Lions Club and see some friends curling! It was nice to get out of the house for a bit. 

We headed home for lunch and snuggles before nap time. 

While Sam was sleeping I got to work on some house stuff. I had to laugh when I looked down and realized the Band Aid I was wearing. The only ones I have in the house are Toy Story ones! #MomLife

A friend of mine gave me the idea to try out making hamburger buns with my bread maker! I was a little nervous with how they would turn out but I was so pleased with how easy it was! And they taste so good! I am really getting a lot of use out of my bread maker since Christmas! I now make bread, cinnamon buns, bread sticks and hambuger buns with it! 

Being that I knew Ryan would be away, I opted to have a meal that I REALLY wanted to try and wouldn't have been able to serve to Ryan. 

I LOVE a good Fish taco but I find it hard to find. After pinning a couple of recipes, I decided to try THIS one. The only difference was that I used frozen highlander fish. 

It turned out SOO good! A new favorite meal and one I can make up special for when Ryan's gone. Sam gobbled down the fish! I hope he always continues to be less picky then Ryan is.   

Like many, I started and FINISHED Fuller House this weekend! I really enjoyed it! I loved the flashbacks to some of the old episodes. I love a "feel good" sitcom. 

Sunday morning Sam slept in until past 8! He was a very rested and happy boy Sunday morning. We relaxed before church eating breakfast and snacking on Cheerios's. I snapped this quick pic of Sam as he said "cheeeeese". I just love that sweet face. 

Both Sam and Tucker, right into The Wiggles! 

We had a great morning at church and then I made lunch for my parents and us (Ryan was sleeping). A quick potato soup with homemade bread. 

Sam went down for a nap and I had a quick one myself! I love a good Sunday nap! 

Both boys were up by 4 and we played, ate supper and then Sam helped his Daddy fix the leaky sink! He even brought over his own little tool kit to help. He also insisted on wearing his winter boots while working. Safety first, I guess! 

It was a great weekend but this weekend I was kind of reminded how many weekends it's just Sam and I the majority of the time. It's well known that I don't like winter but I am at the point now where I am ready for it to be over. I am looking forward to having FAMILY time together on the weekends versus being by myself every weekend because Ryan has to either sleep or work. 

How was your weekend? 


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