Monday, March 21, 2016

This Weekend I Cooked...NOTHING! Not One Thing!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a fun weekend! 

I had this weird realization yesterday, the whole weekend, I never cooked. Not one thing! Nothing! For me, that is weird. I usually do food prep or a Pinterest idea on the weekend. This weekend we continued Ryan's birthday celebration. I swear it's been a week long celebration! 

Friday afternoon after I got home from picking up Sam, we headed to my brothers for a quick jump on the trampoline that they just got up for the year! He is loving bouncy houses and trampolines! It is always so fun to watch him interact with his cousins! 

Because of our play time, our schedule was pushed back. Ryan and I were going to do our March date after Sam went to bed which included supper. So Sam was having left overs. I decided as a little treat, he could have his spaghetti supper while watch his favorite TV show. He thought it was so awesome! 

I was getting Sam ready for bed and Ryan got to work on our date food. I picked up Queso dip, salsa and chips from Lonestar and we had some frozen chicken wings while we watched Ryan's favorite movie, Fast and Furious! 

Saturday morning we hung around and after breakfast, Ryan headed with Sam to drop him off to his parents because he was hanging out with them and having a sleep over! 

I got some Spring cleaning done and three garbage bags full of stuff to either throw out of donate! It feels so good! 

Before lunch, I headed to the city for another Paint Nite with some of my best friends! At first, the painting seemed like a disaster. When I showed it to Ryan, he proclaimed it as his favorite painting of mine yet! 

Ryan picked me up after and we headed for a date night! First stop, our favorite restaurant, THE KEG! Yum! We got a table right away and enjoyed an amazing meal together! Afterwards, headed to a movie and saw London Has Fallen. It was a good movie but I found it a little bit too much gore for my liking. 

It was fun to see pics of Sam throughout the day! I know he always has so much fun at Nana and Poppa's and doesn't get spoiled at all ;) 

Sunday morning I headed to church and Ryan went to go get Sam. After church, we went to my parents for brunch and then Sam drove us home through the fields! ha ha! 

Both boys napped the afternoon away and worked on some piano homework! Only a couple more lessons left before summer break! 

That morning we had gotten a text from friends Pat and Carolyn inviting us over for supper. Another no-cook meal for me! We got Sam up and put him in his new boots and TRACTOR coat from Josee! He was SO excited about his coat that he refused to take it off...even during supper. Ha ha! 

It was an amazing weekend spending it with friends and family! It really is amazing how fast the weekend goes when it is full of fun things to do! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. Nice, no cooking!!!I should be cooking, but this pneaumonia leaves me with no appetite, so it's been snacky things, like scrambled eggs, and toast.

  2. A no cook weekend sounds wonderful! Even better is your meal at The Keg. So yummy! We got invited to a friend's house for dinner last minute yesterday, and it was nice. We just had to bring a salad, which I picked up at the grocery store

  3. Sounds like soo much fun! We almost had a no cook weekend until we made tonight's dinner last night to save me from having to cook on a Monday... I hate Monday's haha. I could soo go for the keg dinner!! Yum! We had KFC the one night, which was gross, all because East Side Marios was too busy, but we had it Sunday!!