Monday, March 14, 2016

Rough Weekends Make For Pleasant Monday's!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Ours started out a little rough. With the nice weather last week, work was insanely busy. I felt like I was constantly running without an end in sight. But, it was going to hopefully be a busy and productive Friday. When I got Sam up and ready for the day I noticed a head-to-toe rash. No fever or other symptoms. This has happened to Sam before. Instead of getting a fever, he gets a rash instead. 

There was a little controversy between Ryan and I because he has never taken a sick day with Sam. So it's up to me to entirely put my work on the back burner. After gentle (aka: not at all) persuasion, Ryan saw the light and agreed to stay at home with Sam! And I am SO glad he did! I needed that day to catch up on a lot of work! I think they actually had a good day together too! Out getting groceries and playing outside! 

When I was done at work we had a quick supper and went for a nice walk to enjoy the beautiful weather! I am loving that we can go outside in the evenings for a bit! 

Sam is loving that as the weather gets nicer, all the trucks and equipment are getting taken out of storage! So many rides! 

Saturday morning I was up early to put the finishing touches on my shamrock cookies! It was Irish Tea day! An annual event that I so look forward to every year now! It is a great opportunity for the young ladies of the church to organize and execute a fundraiser all on our own. 

It is a great morning/early afternoon event where people can come out to enjoy some sandwiches, sweets and of course, tea! 

I came home and put my feet up and Ryan and I watched a movie while Sam snoozed away. We had a quiet evening in and after Sam went to bed, friends (Amanda and Josh) come over with supper and all the fixings to celebrate Ryan's birthday! It was a fun visit that included a little exploding kittens! Such a fun game! 

Sunday morning Ryan headed off for another sledding trip! I spoke too soon last weekend when I said that it was his last. But HOPEFULLY this past weekend trip was his last! Is it just me or does everyone with kids hates Daylight Savings? I don't know what it is, but it completely changes Sam for the day. He even slept till 8 AM (technically 7 AM) so I figured he was fine. But he just seemed off all morning before eventually falling asleep around 10 while watching TV! 

I thought maybe he needed a little rest and he'd be good for the birthday party across the road to celebrate Faith's 7th birthday!  

And he did have fun! Lots of kiddo's to play with and a yummy lunch! It was great to spend that time with family! And wow, I can't believe Faith is 7 already! Where has the time gone? 

We got home around 2 and for the next 1.5 hours we fought over his nap. Eventually he stayed up and I tried to keep him happy for the rest of the evening. He was so tired and just not himself. Nothing would make him happy! Eventually he was crying for sleep so I brought him upstairs where he proceeded to fall asleep as I was reading him his book. Poor boy! So even though it was only 6 PM, he went to sleep and slept right through the night! 

Thankfully, this morning Sam is back! He was so happy this morning and giving lots of hugs and kisses. Singing on the way to daycare! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. that last picture - he looks BEAT! Time change doesn't really affect my kids really...I like it cuz it feels like we sleep in the first morning! We did however all go to bed earlier last night because we thought it would be harder to get up this morning but Tanner was up first and ready to go!

  2. Poor guy! Glad he's feeling better!! Those cookies look soo good!!! Yum!

  3. I don't think Quentin ate a single sandwich at the tea. I know he ate at least three of your cookies, as I caught a lady sneaking him one from a different table's plate. They were his favourite!

  4. Poor Sam! Hope he is feeling better. Brian has been super great about taking time off if Amelia is sick...the last time she had a fever, I took one day and he took the second. It's easier for me to miss work, but I also feel super guilty about it. Being a parent is tough!