Monday, March 7, 2016

Toddler Battles, Birthday Prep And Shamrocks

Happy Monday everyone! Wow! What a quick weekend! I can't believe it is already over! What a strange weekend in comparison to last. Last weekend, my weekend revolved around Fuller House. Sure, I did other things as well but anytime I could get a spare moment to watch an episode, I did. 

This weekend there were a few more chores that I wanted to accomplish to make the busy month of March! 

As you all probably know, I like to be frugal but there is one area in my life that I struggle with frugality. Wasting food! Ugh! It hurts me to even say it. But normally a recipe will give me enough to have a bit of left overs. I will eat those leftovers no problem but Ryan refuses to eat left over food! It is a real struggle. He has this mental block towards left food. So I will eat left over's for my lunch but sometimes there is just too much and if Ryan doesn't eat it, I physically can't all week long. 

So, I am trying to make the effort in reducing this food that gets wasted! Friday night I used up some pita's and english muffins that were about to go bad and made pizza out of them. It was so nice to use it up versus throwing them away. 

Saturday morning Ryan left with the birds to go for an all day run (hopefully the last) on the sled and so it was just Sam and I. 

Lately, it has been a battle to try and get Sam to sit at the table to eat. He's rather walk around and come back for a bite or two. While letting him do this for a while made for less tears, it is preventing us from every being able to go out and eat anywhere. So we decided this weekend we were going to break the habit! And when I said "we", I really mean "ME" since husband left to go sledding. Ugh! 

Breakfast was a right off. He just cried the whole time. 

By lunch, he was mad at me for making him sit that he threw his lunch on the floor. 

By Supper, he gave in. His hunger must have overtaken his need to win because he sat and enjoyed his meal! Mommy -1...Toddler Battle - 0 

By the way, tried this cheeseburger pasta that I found on Pinterest. It wasn't my favorite but both the boys loved it so I guess I will make it again. If you do make it, I suggest adding twice the recommended milk. 

Sam and I had a good day on Saturday though! We visited with Nana, went to the curling rink and played outside in the beautiful weather! 

At nap time, I was a prepping machine! I made 4 dozen shamrock cookies in preparation for upcoming St.Patrick's day and cut out a million airplanes and clouds for Sam's 2nd birthday party prep! 

Sunday morning we were up, relaxing and getting ready for the day. Sam joined Ryan for his morning stretch! ha ha! 

We went to church and enjoyed the service! Sam was pretty content to sit this week in the pew. It was a nice change from watching him wander all over the church! 

I rushed out the door and left the boys with their lunch and headed to the city to meet bestie, Bekk! It had been a few months since our last visit and it was well overdue! We met for coffee and then headed over to get a couple of pedicures! It was a wonderful way to pass a Sunday afternoon! 

I was even home before both boys were up and got in 30 minutes of watching Suits (my newest series addiction). 

When Sam got up, I bundled him up because Ryan wanted to take him on one last trip on the sled since it will likely be the last for this year. Sam was SO excited and I couldn't get him dressed fast enough! He insisted on wearing his sunglasses just like Daddy. 

I did bath Sunday night and I think I am feeling nostalgic as Sam's 2nd birthday approaches. I can't believe this big boy I am bathing now! It literally feels like yesterday that I was bathing a screaming new born! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. My husband and I both love leftovers and I'm not a huge sandwich person so I love them for lunch. Oh man, not looking forward to those toddler battles. Suits is such a good show!

  2. I can't deal with the 2nd birthday. It's so much harder than the first. He's just all of a sudden this big guy and every hint of baby is fading away. Let's plan a Mama's wine trip and drink away our sorrows!

  3. Welcome to the two's... When everything becomes a battle haha. It's not that bad, but some days but is. We always make pizza on pita shells or naan bread! Can't wait to see the party come together!! Love the little planes!!

  4. Fortunately my Reg loves leftovers, and takes them to work for lunch. I am thrilled that we compost in the city, as anything that goes bad goes into my green bin. I hate wasting food too. I'll aslo make a pot of soup, and throw all my old veggies in.

  5. This is a cute birthday party. I am in love with every detail of this party. Thanks for sharing these photos. My sister also hosted a cute party for her son. She arranged an outdoor party at a popular party venue NYC and invited everyone. We had a great time over there.