Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that you all are having a great week! 

Dear Sam, 

Mommy should really work on listening to you more. You see, sometimes Mommy thinks of you as her little baby and that I know what you want more then you do. While I will continue to make the "big" decisions for you and guide you to what is right and wrong, sometimes I need to stop and listen to you. Last night, you were FREAKING out and pointing to the glass cabinet. I told you "no" you can't have one of the glass cups. Later, I realized that Daddy had put one of your sippy cups in there by accident. So in fact, you were crying for YOUR cup. I'm sorry buddy. Also, last night you were crying for food but we were having a party and I didn't want it to ruin your appetite. Because we had guests over, I gave you a little snack anyways concluding that you just weren't going to eat much. WELL then you proceeded to eat 3 slices of pizza and a slice of cake. Sam, I'm sorry that sometimes Mommy doesn't listen to you. I am going to work really hard on reminding myself that you are a smart boy with likes/dislikes and opinions of your own. 

Dear Nana, 

It has been a year since we started our daycare journey with you. A year ago today, I was crying my eyes out at the realization that I wouldn't be spending the majority of my days with my boy anymore. I feared the unknown daycare world and was worried Sam wouldn't love me anymore. That I wasn't a Mommy anymore. You thank me for having trust in you, but in reality I had trust in you the moment I met you. Sam has grown and developed into such a fun, smart and wonderful little boy and I know that a large part of that is thanks to you. I think you have one of the bravest and hardest jobs in the world and I have great respect for what you do. I never worry about Sam when he is with you and that is such a blessing. He loves you and so do we! We thank god that you and your family have come into our lives. 

Dear Husband, 

Yesterday we celebrated your birthday! On Thursday, you turn 34! Yesterday marked 5 years since we were celebrating your birthday and you popped the question to me! It was one of the biggest surprises of my life. How you kept it from me will always baffle me. That's the thing about us, we have a hard time keeping things from eachother so sometimes birthdays and other holidays are a flop because we just get so excited to share our plans with one another. 

Truthfully, sometimes you drive me absolutely bananas! We are so very opposite and sometimes you say that you wish we likes more of the same things. Not me. I love how different we are and I think that is what keeps things exciting! We get to experience something new! You bring me to sporting events and then come with me to broadway musicals. Do we love those things? No, but we go along because we get to be together.

Dear Spring, 

I love you. I have been waiting for you all winter long! I can smell the sure signs of Spring and feel the warmth in the sun. I love that I don't have the heat blasting in the afternoon drives to pick up Sam. And I can't wait to roll my window down! I'm looking forward to Easter, gardening and evening walks! Bring it on!! See ya later, Winter! 



  1. Haha love Sam's's so true. There are times even now that Tanner is persistent on something and I'm like no and then it turns out that oops ya you are right or whatever the case may be!

  2. Your post and letters were so beautiful, I am all teary. Your Sam is a very bright little dude. I can't wait to see him waving Palm Branches Sunday.

  3. Wow, can't believe it's been 5 years since Ryan popped the question!! And yes, Sam's letter made me laugh, I've done that to kids before. Caden especially used to get so frustrated when I didn't understand what he wanted ... definitely can make you feel guilty when you realize you weren't grasping what they wanted! LOL!

  4. I love these! Sam's letter is hilarious :)