Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ottawa Farm Show 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! I actually woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday...oh sad, sad realization! 

But, I have no reason to complain! Yesterday I got the day off of work and got to spend the day with my family. Something I have been wishing for, for the last two months! With the beautiful weather, Ryan is back to working days and he was able to take the day off yesterday too! 

While I didn't know what it would be like to have a son, once Sam was born my mind began to imagine the things that I would get to experience now that I had a boy. 

Being born and raised on the family farm, the Ottawa Farm Show was something that was a regular part of the conversation around our house. 

Over the last year, Sam's love for all things with wheels has grown! He is literally OBSESSED! We can't even drive the road without him pointing out every truck and bus! I knew that I really wanted to take him to the Ottawa Farm Show while this obsession was so great! 

Car ride supplies! 

We drove up to the convention center, there were some larger pieces of equipment outside and Sam starting squealing and pointing to them. There was a large John Deere Tractor parked outside and Sam instantly connected to his own green tractor! He also went over to give the Deer a hug! 

He didn't want anyone to carry him and he bolted straight for the big tractors! 

And I'm not sure who was more excited to sit in all these pieces of equipment, Ryan or Sam! 

It is a very family orientated show and everyone is good about letting the kids sit and touch the equipment. There are even mini versions for them to test out! 

It literally was row after row of shiny tractors! Sam loved checking them all out and yelling "dis"! 

Sam's love of vehicles started at a very early age and has just grown more and more as the days have passed! And I love that Ryan and I could take Sam to such a fun spot that we knew our little boy would enjoy! 



  1. John would freak out over something like this! I wish we had something like this close to us! Such cute pictures! So glad you had so much fun!

  2. So great to take a day to spend with your boys. I love the picture of Sam in the tire! Wow!