Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Healthy Summer Treat - TODDLER APPROVED!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I was suppose to be working in the city today but opted out knowing that my drive would have been a nightmare with the traffic because President Obama is coming to town! So glad I have the flexibility to choose which days work for me. 

Feeling excited over the last couple days as things gear up for the BIG Canada Day festivities hosted in our small town! We go ALL out and it's gearing up to be a great celebration this year! Very much looking forward to it.

Lately, I have been trying to make more and more things at home. Bread, jam, and even our own ice cream. I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite homemade Popsicle treats I have been making. 

- 2 cups of your favorite fruit - For this recipe I used strawberries but we really like it with orange or peach as well! 
- Coconut milk 
- 2/3 TBSP of maple syrup (we use 3, Sam likes it sweet!)

And that's it...pretty simple right? 

I always add my fruit first so that it gets nice and blended first. Then add a full can of coconut milk and the maple syrup. 

Blend it all up! I like to run it on the "blend" option first and then "liquefy". 

These ice pop molds I got at a No Frills 2 years ago for $1! I have used them SO much! 

Once everything is nice and blended, I slowly pour the mix into each mold leaving about 1/2 inch of head space for the stick. 

If I make these in the morning, by supper they are usually ready to enjoy! Just run each Pop under warm water for a few seconds to release from the mold. 

5 Minutes after giving it to my toddler....:) 

Because of the fresh fruit, the coconut flavor is very mild and the Popsicle tastes more like creamsicle! Yum! This is also really good with fruit that is getting a little mushy. I usually have all the ingredients on hand so it is ready way to whip up a quick and delicious summer dessert! 



  1. OOOH I love this idea. John is obsessed with "pocicles" but some of them are full of so much sugar and he's crazy enough on his own! I'll have to try this!

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