Wednesday, August 3, 2016

LONG Weekend Recap!

WHY can't every weekend be a long weekend? I swear, yesterday I had so much energy and I worked like crazy to get my work caught up! Which I would do every week if it meant I could have 1 extra weekend day. But the good news is there is another one coming up in about a month! 

We started our weekend out with introducing Ryan and Sam to little Grace. Sam was pretty amazed with this little baby and has been talking about her since. He even held her and everything! We had to repeat "Gentle" about 60 times but it still went great. And he does not like his Momma holding a baby! He would be by my side as soon as I was holding her and repeating "my momma". 

Saturday morning, after breakfast the boys and I headed out for groceries and then I got a treat at a new Starbucks that opened! I saw on one of my favorite blogs, PB& J Babes  about getting her littlest a blended milk. So I thought I'd get Sam one. Well he was SO excited and proud about his own "coffee" and kept talking about it the rest of the way home! #mommywin

The rest of the day I felt pretty "little house on the Prairie" as I went and made some bread ahead for the week, picked my beans, made a jar of pickles, simmered tomatoes from last year for sauce and made a double go of BBQ sauce for the fridge. I have no idea why all the sudden I love to do all these homemade things, but I feel so accomplished and proud when I do. 

While I was working away, Ryan was too. Since we build Sam's new play area, we had to take my clothes line away. He made me a new one on the opposite side of the pool fence! So glad to have it again! I use it so much when the weather is nice! 

For some reason this weekend Sam seemed to be naked quite a bit! ha ha! Enjoying the fresh air? 

After Sam went to bed Ryan and I did June AND July date nights but more on that later! 

Sunday morning Ryan was gone to a truck pull so it was just me and my little dude. We started with cartoons in bed before our day started. Love this cuddle time. 

We then went to church, had a quick lunch and Sam went down for an early nap so that I could wake him earlier than normal to head to the beach for the afternoon! Sam's first time at Norway Bay Beach! 

We met some friends there to spend the afternoon in the water! Sam was a little tentative at first but then loved the water and sand! But I think his favorite part was the snack afterwards, particularly the BBQ Frito's! ha ha!  

Sam ate his weight in snacks at the beach and wasn't interested in supper. But after we was down in bed I made myself a supper I knew Ryan would hate! Chicken Caprese salad! I picked fresh lettuce and basil for the garden and it was SO yummy! In fact I've been eating it all week! Here is the recipe

Monday, the beautiful day off! We had ZERO plans this day and I loved that! We had a Pancake breakfast, LOTS of play time outside, a swim and even some chores done. Local corn is ready so I bought a couple dozen to get started on our freezer stock! We only have 1 bag left from doing this last year. We really enjoyed having the taste of fresh corn all year long! 

I also finished up a spaghetti sauce from garden tomatoes I had frozen last year! It was so yummy! 

But the biggest highlight from the day off was introducing Sam to our sprinkler. I don't know why we haven't thought of this sooner! But he LOVED it and was entertained for an hour just running back and forth. The squeals and giggles were music to our ears. 

How was your weekend? 


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