Monday, November 7, 2016

Late Birthday Celebration - Watertown 2016

Happy Monday everyone! I'm here feeling rejuvenated after a couple nights away with Ryan! 

For my birthday, Ryan had surprised with me a hotel booking and date set for a little shopping trip to the states! We were going to wait until November when it is typically colder and possibly quieter at the farm. 

The original plan was to just go Saturday and come home Sunday but then we decided it may be easier with Sam arrangements to actually get down there Friday night. We were able to hang out with Sam, give him his supper and ready for bed. Then my parents picked him up and were able to put him to sleep at their place and we headed off to the U.S border! 

We got to our room around 10 PM and hit the hay right away. 

The next morning, as is our nature, we slept in...until a whopping 6:30 AM. ha ha! But that is sleeping in for us. Honestly one of the best parts of the trip was Saturday morning. We got up, worked out for an hour together, got ready for the day and then had a leisurely breakfast together. It was heavenly! 

It was a beautiful day in Watertown, NY and all we needed were sweaters! 

Our first stop was one of my favorite stores...Target! I was so sad when Target closed all their locations in Canada and I have not been to one since they closed here. It was a real treat to grab a Starbucks, the red cart and browse around the store for almost 2 hours! My husband was very patient! 

We then headed to TJ Maxx and then the Salmon Run mall for other stops and then met up with friends Amanda and Josh. Ryan got off the hook and he and Josh went to the bar in the mall when Amanda and I continued to shop at Christmas Tree Shoppe, couple shoe places and Burlington! We also hit up Kohls, Kmart, Joannes, Herb's, some tool store and Ollie's. Phew! That's a lot of stops! 

What were we shopping for? Well, Christmas mostly! But Ryan also got me a couple things as birthday presents and we got Sam some of his winter stuff like boots and mitts! I was also so happy to be at a good fabric store for some upcoming projects! I am SO happy to say that we are pretty much DONE Christmas shopping. I will still need a little trip to get some of Ryan's Santa gifts. 

A lot of people asked why we would go down to the States when the dollar is so bad and we can just shop in Canada? Truthfully, just some time away together. It is a chance for us to get out together without Sam for some uninterrupted conversations and meals out. 

We ate at Olive Garden for lunch and Texas Steak house for supper! Both were AMAZING and must stops when I am down in the states!  

The best part is when we would have WIFI and hear updates about how Sam was. It was really hard for us both to be away from him. While we enjoyed the break, he was constantly on our minds! But we knew he was having a blast being a big helper for Nana and Grandpa and their fall cleaning outside! Sam loves to be a helper and being outside! 

We slept in a little Sunday until 6 AM which was really 7 AM because of daylight savings! Woo hoo! Had a quick breakfast at the hotel, said bye to Amanda and Josh and hit the trails home. We had ZERO problems at the boarder which is amazing because we both spent over the 24 hour spending limit! 

We got home and Sam ran right to us! So excited to get my hands on him for a big hug! We had a quick lunch and then home where Sam and Ryan went down for a nap. I went to the local cenotaph service where I got the honor of laying a wreath for a great great Aunt who served as a nurse in WW1. 

While both the solider and I are smiling during this serious moment, it is because I asked him to lay the wreath as I was sure if I did, the others would go falling over like domino's. 

When I got home both boys were still sleeping and I had a full hour to sort through all of our parcels! I organized them by person with a sticky note and into the hiding spot! I also got to work on some food prep for the week! Breakfasts for myself made ahead and this new yummy Quinoa salad recipe I am trying out! 

The rest of the night we just appreciated being home and with Sam! It is so nice to get away but there is something about leaving that makes you appreciate home! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. Salad looks good - what is the dressing? I am very iffy about dressings.

  2. It was good to see you laying the wreath. We will remember them.

  3. That's awesome that you guys were able to get away for the weekend to go shopping! I miss that about living in Ontario