Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend! How can my weekend not be anything but awesome when it starts out with pretty (and delicious) cup cakes for dessert on Friday at lunch? 


It was mostly just Sam and I all weekend and I was so looking forward to that time alone with him! I find I get to really know something new when it's just him and I for an extended period of time! 

Our Saturday morning started out with Mickey Mouse on TV and in bed! Sam loves the weekend tradition of snuggles in the morning in Mom and Dad's bed while we watch Mickey Mouse. This can last for anywhere between 30 minutes or 1 hour! I can usually also take a shower at this time too and I find Sam exactly in the same spot! 

We had a quiet morning with Pancakes for breakfast. We then headed to Onslow Elementary school for their annual Craft and Bake sale! I love to browse the local vendors, get a couple Christmas gifts and this year we were going to stay long enough to see Santa! 

Sam has been wanting us to read a Christmas book to him every night called, Merry Christmas, Ottawa! So, he is all about Santa right now. He wasn't shy at all and walked right up to him! He proceeded to tell him the one thing he wants for Christmas, a side-by-side (brain washed by his father!) and as we were leaving the school, Sam had to go back to where Santa was to say bye. 

Sam told me as we were walking to the car that he saw Santa's reindeer on the roof and wanted to give them the food Santa gave him. I had to explain we had to wait until Christmas Eve. The rest of our day we talked about all things Santa! Should be a fun Christmas season! :) 

When Dad's away, we eat all of our meals while watching Paw Patrol! He loves being set up in this old school desk to eat his meals. 

Some of the things I got from the craft sale! 

Sam and I hung laundry on the line, planted tulip bulbs, took down Fall decorations and planted some basil. I have been really missing my garden over the last couple weeks. Especially the little herb box that I had! I got so spoiled with fresh herbs. I have tried buying some from the grocery store but it is expensive and they don't keep long in the fridge! So I started this week with a transplant of basil! Here's hoping I can keep it alive! My next one to plant is Cilantro! 

I also did a lot of knitting this weekend! At one point after Sam had gone to sleep for the night, I realized I was knitting while Paw Patrol was playing in the background. Yikes! 

Sunday morning after our morning snuggles, we made a special birthday video for my Dad who turned 60 yesterday! 

We went to church, came home for a quick supper, played outside and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL November weather and then cooked our first farm raised chicken! We got 6 beautiful farm raised chickens and these babies are HUGE! But it was so tasty and I'm pretty sure this one chicken will give us 3-4 suppers this week and chicken for lunches! It seriously took me forever to carve all the meat. I was feeling pretty domestic last night with our supper. Farm raised chicken, potatoes from a friends garden, corn from a local farmer that I froze and homemade bread. Plus the bones are currently being made into stock! 


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  1. What the heck is a side by side? Your weekend sounded lovely.