Monday, November 28, 2016

First Christmassy Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone! I was telling Ryan last night that the weekend went by in a blink. He said it was likely because we did so much! 

I have been planning our company Christmas party for the last month or so. Friday was the day of the big event and at 3 AM I woke up to an upset boy with a 103 fever. 

Yikes. Talk about panic. He didn't have any other symptoms but it meant that he couldn't go to daycare. Thankfully, my MIL came to the rescue and agreed to stay with our sick boy for our Christmas party which was at noon! 

I had a lot of help though and by the time I went to put the finishing touches, the shop was perfectly decorated for a fun afternoon celebrating a great season and wonderful men and women who make up the team! 

I changed up the door prizes this year. We use to do a $5 gift exchange but it was getting a little stale so I decided to change it to draw for prizes. I changed it up even more this year by making it a half and half door prizes. 6 were good gifts and 6 were boobie prizes! This little elf was cute but most definitely a boobie prize! 

We also had a little texas horseshoe tournament! Here are the first and second place teams! 

I eventually went home, drove Bev home and then put Sam to bed. Ryan stayed at the shop to party some more and play poker. 

It was sometime between 2 AM - 3 AM that Sam's fever broke. The next morning no fever and a stuffy nose but otherwise he was in good spirits! We started our morning off with Mickey Mouse and then got ready to eat at our favorite breakfast place, Gabriel's and then get Ryan a new pair of winter workboots that were on sale! 

When we got home we got straight to work on finishing the Christmas decorations. Ryan, Sam and I headed into the bush to find a Christmas tree for our front porch! Wasn't easy but maybe a fun new tradition. 

We had a quick lunch and then Sam went to bed. Ryan and I worked at finished the front porch. It was a beautiful day to work outside! 

We also decided to finish all the decorations on the inside! We were on a mission. For supper I made a homemade pizza and we ate it early while watching Arthur's Christmas on Netflix. Super cute Christmas movie! 

We got in our warm clothes and headed to Shawville for the parade of lights! Sam was waving at everything that drove by but especially the Big Man in red at the end! 

We opted to turn on Wayne Rodstad, crack open our glass bottle Coke's and put the decorations on our memory tree in the basement. We at first thought we'd get Sam to help but decided to hold off for another few years. The ornaments just mean too much to us. We enjoy looking and talking over the ornaments as we put them on the tree. 

We were all up Sunday morning to homemade pancakes with bacon and then we set up our new Christmas train I got when we were in the states shopping! Reminder for next year to set up the train tracks BEFORE putting decorations on the tree! 

But Sam loved watching it go around and around. I was always so worried about some of my special and breakable Christmas decorations and tree. A 2 year old can really create havoc but we've drilled it into his head that this stuff is special and we either have to be gentle or not touch. So far it's working! 

My parents came over before church for a quick coffee and so we could give my Dad his VERY belated birthday gift! But they were in Nova Scotia for his birthday (November 13) and we never got the opportunity before. 

We had a great church service and afterwards came home and I made Nacho's for lunch. My half and Ryan's half (Sam had leftover pizza). Mine had salsa, avocado, onions, yum! Ryan's half with just cheese! ha ha! 

Ryan did the dishes and I got started on some Christmas baking! It is one of my favorite things! Having an abundance of Christmas treats in the freezer to share with family and friends over the holiday season. I made one pan of fudge and my short bread cookies, yes shortbread Christmas worms included! 

I actually had a supper fun Sunday afternoon planned. Stacy, Mady, Jill and I were all going to watch Dolly Parton's, Coat Of Many Colors! I had never seen it before and the girls insisted I watch it before the new one came out this week. Well I just LOVED this movie!! I laughed, I cried, it was just a super heartfelt movie and I guess that is what I was in the mood for! It was wonderful! 

When the girls left I made Sam's favorite Potato Bacon soup for supper with the same stock from Friday's post. So does that mean 5 meals now, 1 chicken? 

Family tradition is that we don't turn our Christmas lights on until the first Sunday of advent which was yesterday. We went out and Ryan did the first official light plug in of 2016! Sam now says that "Santa see our house now". 

How was your weekend? 


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  1. Loved our movie afternoon. Glad you got to see it and well I own it, so anytime the mood strikes (or you wanna make Ryan watch it), just let me know! Can't wait for this week's special.
    So fun to see Sam so into Christmas this year!