Monday, November 21, 2016

Whirlwind Trip!

Happy Snowy Monday, friends! It was inevitable, the snow was eventually going to fly! And fly it did, with 15+ cm of snow arriving in the last 24 hours! So I have gone into hibernation mode with warm wooly socks but the problem is that my 2 year old LOVES the snow and always wants to go out and shovel it! Ugh! 
A couple of weeks ago we saw this predicted forecast and Ryan and I decided that Friday/Saturday would be the day we would drive and have a little mini getaway with Sam. Ryan's favorite store (Royal Distributing) is there and we wanted to get Sam his first snowmobile helmet that fit properly. I'm a bit of a stickler for head wear safety. 

So to make the trip a little fun we booked a hotel with a pool and headed down after work on Friday evening! Sam was actually a rock star the whole drive. He didn't sleep a wink and instead just snacked on french fries and watched Paw Patrol. But was asking for bed by the time we got to the hotel! 

We all bummed around on Saturday morning watching cartoons! We decided to stay in our PJ's but put our bathing suits on underneath! We first had the hot breakfast that was included with the room. There was an awesome make-your-own waffles station but all Sam was asking for was yogurt and plain toast! 

After a big breakfast we stopped by the pool for a swim! Sam was really into swimming around and using his legs to kick. The only problem was that the pool was FREEZING and we could only stay in for a short time! 

We got back to the room, got ready for the day, packed up and checked out. We had a short 2 minute drive over to Royal Distributing and I think Ryan was really excited to take Sam there for the first time. #BOYS 

We got Sam's helmet, Ryan got a new pair of boots and we got Sam a toy Side-by-side too. And before we knew it, we were back on the road home. 

We opted to wait a little to stop for lunch. We did eventually stop at a little "En Route" along the 401 that was awesome! Great options for food then the typical burger and fries. I got a Pita Pit salad and my latest favorite Starbucks treat! Venti, half sweet, chestnut praline latte with no whip! YUM! They also had a take out East sides and Pink Berry at this location. 

We actually had to drop Ryan off in the city for a tour of all the sights in preparation for the next night with snow in the forecast! 

So Sam and I headed home, unpacked the car and then bundled up and grabbed an RTV to get the rest of the outdoor stuff away before snow started to fly! 

We headed inside for a quick supper and then Sam went to bed. Ryan and I watched Eddie The Eagle on Netflix (SO good!) and set up the tree but didn't put any decorations on it! 

On Sunday morning Sam was memorized by the tree and laid down underneath it! 

I got to work on "Decking The Halls" after breakfast and then Ryan suggested I go to church solo and he spends some time with Sam!

When I came home we had lunch and let Sam eat while watching Paw Patrol. We sat at the kitchen table and had a little date. We had these "Not so Newlywed" questions and went back and forth questioning each other. It was really fun! #beat50percent

After church both boys went down to sleep and I put on a Christmas movie (The Family Stone) and decorated the living room tree! Tree 1 or 3, done! 

Sam went and tried on his new snowmobile helmet again and was happy to ride around the house in it! ha ha! 

For supper I made some homemade tomato soup because it was the perfect meal for a snowy day! 

When supper was done we spent some time with Ryan being silly before he had to go and get ready for work! 

As he was getting ready for work, I got Sam ready for bath and bed. Before he left he came to give us a kiss goodbye.

 I was a little sad because it means night shifts are beginning. It means nights alone, empty other half of the bed, solo care for Sam every night and no more weekday nights out. Our lives and schedules now rely heavily on the weather! But I am very proud of Ryan who is going to act as crew leader this year for the first time! 

How was your weekend? 


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  1. Looks like fun. We still have to put our tree up. I also love the chestnut praline latte. SO yummy!!