Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am still coming down from the sugar Halloween high! At first I was a little disappointed that Halloween landed on a Monday! Monday's are busy enough as it is but then add in the craziness of Halloween! Ugh! But it turned out to be not as bad as I originally thought. 

When talking with the girls at the office, we decided to have a big Halloween pot luck snack/lunch and we would all be dressing up. We seem to all really enjoy Halloween! 

Over the weekend I dug through all costume containers of Moms and came across my old Flower costume my Mom made me! I knew that's what I'd wear to work! Seemed appropriate since I work in the green industry! All I had to do was sew a quick "flower pot" out of some orange fabric I had, and I was set! I had flashbacks of this costume! It won 2 years in a row at our local Halloween party! 


I also instructed my brother that we HAD to reenact an old Halloween picture! I mean, how often are we able to do this?! It was pretty fun to do and now to have! Maybe do it again in another 20 or so years? 

Mom and Dad flew into the office! I get my love of Halloween honestly. 

The whole gang! We also had a Dancing Bear and a spooky witch! 

The office feast was AMAZING and I was so stuffed and didn't even eat anything for supper! 

I ended up picking up Sam a little early! Ryan worked a little later and then came up and packed us up brings and food and got costumes laid out. 

Sam had a super fun day at Daycare! His daycare goes all out on themed decorations, activities and food! He loved telling me all about it on the way home! 

We got home changed and ran out the door as we had a lot of ground to cover as there were stops from Bristol to Luskville and in between! The smartest thing I did this year was have us try on our costumes the day before and take a picture! This way it was one less thing to do Monday night! 

Back last year I came up with the idea to be the Three Amigo's. It was a family favorite movie and I can pretty much recite the whole movie line-by-line. Ryan wasn't sure who they were but loved the movie after I made him watch it. 

The costumes were pretty easy! Thrift store black blazers, pants and white shirts. I had to crop the jackets and sew ribbon around all and down the side of the pants. Then made the scarves and cumberbuns. The trickiest part was the hats. I found ours at Party city and was able to paint decorative detail but Sams only came in straw so we had to use black spray paint. It took 6 coats! But they were comfy and warm costumes and super fun!  

We had SO much fun going around and visiting with friends and family and Sam really spoilt! He even got special treats like Rubble decoration, glow sticks, stickers, books, coloring books, Paw patrol t-shirt, stuffed Monkey, and candy galore! 

He hung out with this light up ghost all night kissing "her". I think he was glad to have something to light up the night since he said how "dark" it was over and over! ha ha! 

I think Sam's favorite part was looking through everything when we got home. It took FOREVER but he wanted to grab each individual treat and put it in the bowl and then say "treat tomorrow". But it was sweet to see how excited he was about his loot!  

Wearing his new shirt the next day. 

The next day he asked for more "Lalloween" but I had to let him know we'd have to wait again until next year! Oh and Mommy had some treats at work the next day too! 

What an amazing Halloween! Sam is really "getting it" now and I can just imagine what it will be like in years to come! I hope we can convince him to dress up with us again next year because we have another cute Halloween costume idea! 

How was your Halloween? 



  1. Love your costumes! I'm impressed by them :)

  2. Such a good costume idea! Rylie also thinks she can go trick or treating every night now haha!