Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Random Wednesday Things

I want to say "Happy Wednesday" but I don't know if I can. I never in a million years thought that I would read on my phone this morning, "President Trump". What makes me most sad is that this man believes in taking the choice away from people. Belittles women and those of another race or religion. I am saddened for my southern friends and what is facing them in the months/years to come. But for the most part I am encouraged and proud to be Canadian this morning because for the most part, our nation is saddened at this news. It means that we stand together for human decency still. And that is very positive. 

But moving on... 

It is well into November and things are still booming here at the farm. Sure, some aspects have quieted down but for the most part a lot of work has continued with the beautiful weather! We are very happy with the outcome of the end of this season and extended Fall! It means we can complete many items on the job list and not postpone too many into 2017! 

But even though the weather doesn't reflect it, I have been thinking about about Christmas lately. I guess it just doesn't feel that far away and that it will be here in a blink! I mean our company Christmas party is 16 days away! Which is also exactly 1 month from Christmas. 

I think Sam is going to be lots of fun this year. He has showed a lot of interest and wants to read a Santa book all the time before bed. I think it'll be fun to dabble this year in the magic of Christmas. I can only guess how many times he is going to ask "why"? 

So Sam's excitement has got me thinking of all things Christmas. Not to mention I feel ahead of the game! I have almost done all the Christmas shopping. 1 more solo trip to the city sometime and I'll be finished! I have a list of the baking I want to do this year. And call me crazy, but I think I may even set up some of the bigger decorations around the house this weekend. Like the tree (not decorated) and the garlands! 

Speaking of the house, I am feeling the urge to decorate lately. My kitchen was painted almost 9 years ago and I've been wanting to re-paint it for over a year now but I'm having so much trouble picking a color. Any suggestions? 

I am also wanted to start AND finish Sam's bedroom and paint my front door red. I don't know why but I've always wanted a red door! But the problem is that all of this stuff takes a lot of time and feeling like it just can't happen. Especially in the winter with Ryan working nights soon. 

There use to be a day where I LOVED renovating my home and now while I have the desire for updates, I keep procrastinating. 

Ryan is squeezing in some extra work this weekend which means I get Sam to myself all weekend. This actually makes me so excited! I love when I get to hang out with him! I am hoping the weather will be nice so we can do some projects outside! He is actually getting to be a big helper and I love that he loves to help! He has a serving heart. He loves to help and do things himself. He puts his clothes in the hamper, wipes the table after supper, cleans up his own toys and then helps us with whatever we may be doing outside or inside. 

I've been taking piano lessons again this year. This will be my third year and while I still enjoy it, it is much more difficult. In the past, I could learn a piece of music in one week and get a "star" which tells me to move onto the next piece. Now, a piece could take 2-3 weeks to perfect. As a perfectionist, it is really difficult to not nail a piece of music the first week I practice it. And it's a lot harder to see progress. But last week my teacher gave me a Christmas piece to start to work on and while it is FAR from perfect, I am enjoying learning the festive piece and won't mind practicing it for multiple weeks. I want to build up my repertoire of Christmas music so that I can just sit at any piano bench and play! 

And again back to something Christmas related? Clearly we know where my head is at! 

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Love Sam in his red pj's, he looks like he could pull off Hugh Hefner bahah!
    I hope you will be stopping by the Craft Sale, can't say that Sam will be around for Santa, not sure how he would feel about that...haha

  2. I cannot believe trump is president... Disgusting really!! I've been getting the redecorating bug too, but I feel like mine never goes away! I haven't even finished the basement or the nursery!! Lol!! Christmas is coming too fast haha

  3. He has a serving heart....our littlest church buddy, how precious. <3