Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So, I got an award yesterday from the lovely Nicole over at That's Life and I am so excited because it is my very first blogging award, woo hoo (Thanks Nicole)!! You should check out Nicole's great blog sometime!

The rules with this one, tell 10 things about yourself and pass it along to 5 people!

1. I am getting my hair cut today and I am freaking out! This will be the first time ever that I have done something different with my hair. I am a pretty low maintenance girl so this will probably be my very first "hairstyle".

2. I have two middle names. They are both family names, 7 different women relatives to be exact.

3. My shoe size is 9-9 1/2 and I love shoes but find it difficult to find cute ones in my size!

4. I know a lot more than the average person does about turf grass. I am a self proclaimed "turf geek". I actually hate to admit this but I secretly get excited when a new turf product/equipment/theory comes out....I can almost hear the laughter now.

5. I am a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fan. I was the loser who named her Chihuahua after the Leaf player Darcy Tucker.

6. I love country music! I do like other genres but I am country music fan. I want to see Garth Brooks in Vegas more than anything!

7. I love the smell of skunk! When we pass a dead skunk on the road I start sniffing really hard to try to capture the smell!

8. I suck at sports. Every sport. There is no exception. Basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, badminton, rhythmic gymnastics, it doesn't matter I suck at all sports!

9. Speaking of sucking at sports, I blame that on the fact that I tend to be a times! ha ha I'm as graceful as an elephant on a tricycle!

10. I still sleep with my childhood blankie and can't go a night without it!

There you have it! Some embarrassing but true facts about myself. It was actually harder than I thought to think about 10 different things but there it is!

I would like to pass this award onto:

1. Jill
5. All of my readers that don't have a blog. Let me know 10 things about yourself! (Stacy, Sharon, Hollie, Bev, Lynn, Ryan/Natasha etc.....)

I'll leave you with that this morning and the next time that I post I will have much shorter hair! Ahhh.....

I hope everyone's week is going super fast, BRING ON THE WEEKEND!



  1. well 10 things about me - some are taken from your list Linds:
    1) I too love the smell of skunk!
    2) When no one is in the kitchen at work, and I am waiting for the microwave, I love to step dance on the floor in there...
    3) During high school, I loved to secretly play "sears" when I was home alone. I would set up a database on the computer, have a pretend phone and have my Sears catalogue out and pretended to take orders...yep probably even after high school I did this!
    4) I suck at sports also, although I don't even try, I just think it bores me.
    5) I only have hair that grows under ONE arm pit!
    6) With that, I go pretty much all winter without shaving my legs...i know, i know...very SEXY!
    7) I stole candy from a movie theatre once and panicked the whole time.
    8) I used to wear size 10 shoes, but they have shrunk and now I am a 9...and even at that, I bought a new pair of flats, size 9 and they have stretched, I think I could fit into an 8 now.
    9) I was 187 lbs when I was pregnant...uggh...from 110!
    10) I created my own "future baby boy name" using the letters of my daughter's name MADYSON....

    Good luck today with the hair cut Linds!

  2. 1. I love to watch the weather network, but very much dislike the new theme music to the local forcast.

    2. I am obsessed with cutting my grass. I even did it in the 45 degree weather on Monday. But I love the look of freshly cut grass.

    3. My favourite pass time is sitting home and spending time with WH.

    4. One of my favourite smells is barn (hay and cows) because that's the smell of WH when he gets home at night.

    5. I love cooking magazines. It's a compulsive and sometimes expensive habit as I just have to buy the new ones when they come out.

    6. I love lounging in PJs for longer than anyone should.

    7. I can't swim in the river due to sensitive skin and it sucks! Especially during heat waves.

    8. I love playing baseball!

    9. I have been in a hot air balloon.

    10. I love hammocks. I could sit/lie in one all day long.

    This was tough Lindsay!

  3. 1. You are the loser who named their Chihuaua after Darcy Tucker. I'm glad you've finally admitted what a loser move that was. ;)

    2. You guys like the smell of skunk?!? Are you inSANE?!?!?

    3. I'm going to do this for real on my own blog and post the link here when it's ready to read! :)

  4. Stacy- I keep picturing you step dancing by the microwave and burst out laughing....ha ha ha ha!!!

    Sharon- I never knew you were in a hot air balloon really cool! I'll have to hear that story on Friday!

    Jill- ha ha Tucker is a better name than REDDEN...Blah! And don't judge the skunk smell. Stacy and I just know how to appreciate the smells of nature, ha ha!


  5. Hey, thanks for the award!! I can't believe you like the smell of skunks, hahah! BEST of luck with your haircut, can't wait to see pictures :-D I chopped mine off in February, I was scared too, hah! Hope you have a great day!

  6. You're hair will look amazing! And if you ever get the chance to see Garth Brooks, DO IT!!! He's excellent. I saw him in Kansas City, MO in 2007 (I think it was). I wear the same size shoe, I know the feeling... and turf grass, I don't know a lot about it but I was an Ag. Major in college, I think that's absolutely awesome!

    oh and my word I had to type was floozy... LOL

  7. I sure hope you aren't tired of awards yet, I left you another one :)

  8. My list...finally completed and ready to be read...