Saturday, July 3, 2010

Matching Baby Blankets

A friend of mine, Hollie is having twin girls (Hi Hollie) so I knew right away that I had to start thinking about a gift for them. I wanted something matching, not identical. Being that I am so far from the city and I don't get a lot of time to look it was hard to find what I am looking for. I am one of those people who has an idea in there head and looks until they discover it. I don't settle.

Once when I was at a fabric shop in the city I found this beautiful silk bias tape. It came in a lot of different colors but specifically a very cute pink and light purple. PERFECT! Then the hamster started running on the wheel and I came up with the idea of making blankets.

The supplies

The blanket material

I searched for the softest fabric in coordinating colors. I cut this fabric to be approximately 30x30.

Then I pinned on the bias tape all around the edges paying close attention to keep it straight.

Then I took my sewing machine which happens to have a blanket stitch setting and sewed all around the exterior.

I washed and dried the new blankets. I then went out and bought teddy bears, identical hats and sippy cups each in pink and purple. I took all the pink stuff and wrapped it in the pink blanket and did the same with the purple blanket. Wrapped the exterior in ribbon and curled it with scissors.

The exact gift that I wanted to give to Hollie, Terry and their new girls.

Homemade, personalized and something for each girl. They will each have their own color, I wonder which will like pink and which will like purple?


  1. LOVED the blankets, they looked so soft and comfy!

  2. awesome idea! Love it!