Monday, July 12, 2010

Dare # 40

Hello Monday! Goodbye weekend! I am sad to see you leave! Weekends in the summer always seem so fulfilling because they are always so full of activity!

Before I continue on with my weekend here is your dare this week:

Dare #40:

Everyday this week drink eight glasses of water. This is a very hard task for me because I don't really like drinking water during the day but I am going to try to complete this dare.

This was another week where I felt like I got to a good mix of both fun and accomplishment.

Friday night I went out to supper at Kelsey's with some lovely ladies and then to a movie to see these lovely ladies....

The movie was a lot better then the reviews were saying. The whole theatre was giggling throughout the whole movie! I think you can put those 4 ladies in any country or setting and they would some how make it fabulous.

Saturday morning I woke up early to do some groceries but then had to take a nap so that I would be rested for work. When Ryan arrived home at noon from work we decided to load up my parents beetle convertible and took a tour. We went up the Gatineau Hills to the Champlain lookout and then to Wakefield for some ice cream. It was a great way to pass the afternoon.

Sunday I got a whole lot of stuff done around the house and even managed to squeeze in a nap. After Ryan got home from work we worked on the vegetable and flower gardens for a couple of hours. It was pretty hot yesterday so to clean off we jumped in the pool and spent 20 minutes racing back and forth in the pool. Mostly, I won. ha ha

Unfortunately, it is Monday again but hopefully the weekend comes quickly!

How was your weekend? Busy, relaxing, quiet?

I hope you have a great week!



  1. I will try and do that dare...especially with this toothache and my root canal tomorrow...i'm starting to cut back on pepsi and TRY and drink water...could be hard seeing how I HATE water but I'm going to try.

    My weekend was boring...went to a baby shower for Sheena on Saturday and one for Hollie on Sunday...other than that, stayed in and relaxed and nursed my sore tooth. I made 2 diaper cakes this weekend which I am proud of!

    Have a good week - wish i could have seen SATC 2!

  2. oh no fair, you got to see the movie! We went to see the movie and it was no longer playing in our theaters :(. I can't wait for it to come out on video so I can see it!!

    I was grouchy most of the weekend so I was actually glad to see it over, for a Monday I'm in a fantastic mood :)

  3. I should probably drink 8 glasses of water. I even have a Brita filter. I just don't like the taste of water :\

  4. What a great dare!! I'm pretty good about drinking water during the day, but could really work on drinking water throughout the evening at home-- I'll keep it in mind! :-)

    I haven't see SATC2 yet and felt mixed about the bad reviews. I have the mindset that if you go expecting a FUN time, you'll have a FUN time! If you expect a award-winning movie, you'll be disappointed, yanno? Hope you have a great day!!