Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dare # 39

What a weekend! I love long weekends! This one was especially long being that I had Thursday AND Friday off! This is very rare for us to be off two days in a row during our busy season. But now I feel energized and ready for hard work again.

Here is your dare this week:

Dare # 39

Give yourself a hair treatment. Summer time can be a very bad time of your for your locks. Pool water, sun, and every day maintenance can dry out your hair. Give it a little pampering sometime this week.

I have had a really great, relaxing but still accomplished weekend.

Wednesday night was the party in Quyon for Canada day. The parade, fireworks and party were great! I had a blast dancing and chatting with friends.

Thursday morning my head was hurting a little from the night before but I just slept in later than usual to cure it. After I finally got out of bed I got ready because myself and 6 girl friends were going to see ECLIPSE! I was a little worried that we would be fighting a crowd on Canada day since everyone was off but it was great! We pretty much had the whole theatre to ourselves. If you are a twilight fan and haven't seen the movie yet, GO! Best one out of the three. My thoughts have been on the Jacob since.....ahhh.....

Friday morning Ryan and I spend time with his mom Bev (Hi Bev!). We went strawberry picking which was a first for me! We had a little contest on who could find the biggest strawberry and I was happy that Bev beat Ryan's winning berry right at the last second! I think we are going to make strawberry picking a yearly tradition! That evening Ryan and I made two go's of strawberry jam. They looked yummy and I can't wait to taste our first jar!

Saturday morning Ryan had to work and so I decided to go along with him to get some shopping in the city done. I found all the bar wear (glasses, pitches, beer mugs, etc) and even got some craft supplies for my next craft that I am working on. We came home, washed all our new stuff and made some pizza for supper. After supper Ryan went to grab the mule (4 wheeler kind of thing) and we went to the river to watch the sun set. It was like out of a movie!

Sunday was a relaxing day for me. Ryan again had to go into work so I puttered around the house cleaning, straghtening up and watching t.v. Ryan came home and we spent the rest of the day by the pool working on our tans. Friends of ours, Jason and Mandy, stopped in with their baby girl Abby. It was great to catch up.

This is going to be a busy week, I am sure of that. Today the cupboard people are coming to install the bar downstairs. The room is finally coming together. Now we just have to wait on couches and we can enjoy the space again.

Wednesday I have a hair appointment that I am very nervous for. I have finally decided to chop off my hair to donate. Even as I am writing this I am hyperventilating a little bit. Never, EVER have I had short hair. My mother has instilled a fear of the hair dresser in me. I am cutting off 9-12 inches of length. I'm looking forward to over coming this fear and freeing myself of this heavy mop! Wish me luck! :-)

I hope you all have had a great weekend! I hope you have a wonderful week as well!



  1. Well, sounds like you had a great long weekend...lots of stuff going on. As for me, well I worked on Friday, but only till about 1:00 - then I left. It was pretty much Maddy and I all weekend, Ricky was in Arnprior helping a friend on their house. We went to the beach on Saturday but it was starting to get too hot, came home and relaxed. Yesterday didn't do a whole lot either, took a drive down to the river and sat in the shade with Maddy, watched the boats. The "pirate ship" came in (the Blackjack) and we saw someone bring their horse in the water to get cooled down...only in Quyon will you see that!
    Have a good week and good luck with the hair cut - can't WAIT to see it!

  2. Yes we will have to make it a yearly tradition Lindsay. It was even better when I found the big strawberry that was BIGGER than Ry's..LOL.

  3. Sounds like a blast! We only got a 3 day weekend here but it was still worth it! I saw Eclipse yesterday! My favorite line was when Jacob said to Edward, I'm hotter than you! haha! I chopped my hair off in 2006 and donated it. I thought I was going to cry but I managed. It's now almost as long as it was back then! It is quite a shock I'll tell you! especially the first time you go to wash it, you'll probably get way to much shampoo :)

  4. Stacy- You are so lucky you got to see the pirate ship in Quyon. I have yet to see it! Instead of going to the beach you guys should have come over for a swim, you're always welcome!

    Bev- It is a new tradtion for sure! However, Im hoping that I will find the biggest strawberry next year! hee hee

    Nicole- Thats awesome that you are a twilight fan too. Are you team Jacob or Edward? I am 100% team Edward. I couldn't imagine being with someone cold all the time, I hate being cold. I want a werewolf to warm me up, ha ha! I am so nervous for my hair cut tomorrow. I dont know what I will look like at all with shorter hair. I am looking forward to the change but still nervous. It's weird. I can't imagine brushing only part of my hair in the morning instead of going all the way down my back.