Monday, July 19, 2010

Dare # 41

Welcome back to Monday! And a rainy one at that! When it is a rainy, dark morning the last thing that I want to do is get up and go to work. Can't we invent a new holiday? National stay in bed all day, day? Oh well, a girl can dream!

Here is your dare this week:
Dare # 41

Go for a boat ride!

There is nothing more fun to do then chill out of a boat in the summer. If you live in my small town, yes the ferry counts. :-)

I have to say I failed at last week's dare. During the week I was very good. 8 glasses of water no problems. As soon Saturday hit it was like the last thing I wanted to drink was water! Every other drink looked much more appealing. 5 out of 7 times isn't bad right?

It is so hard to drink plain ol' water when you are at festivities that have so many more yummy drinks.

On Friday night the local ball team had a double header so Ry and I decided it would be fun to go and watch. They sell cheap beer, 2 for 5$. To me baseball and beer just go hand in hand.

Saturday morning I had a baby shower for a good friend Sara (Hi Sara!). Last Friday my original post I had mentioned that I had a shower that weekend but quickly had to change it because I forgot that it was a surprise. ha ha Woops! Anyways, at the shower there was so much yummy food and this even yummier punch! Hence, no water.

Saturday afternoon Sara and her hubby, Graham came over for supper (homemade pizza) and then we all headed to Low for a wedding reception. Again, no water because I was in the mood for a Caesar. We couldn't stay long because Ryan had to work the next day but we had a blast while we were there.

Sunday morning I puttered around the house and then headed to Mom and Dad's for brunch. After I got home with a full stomach I had to take a little cat nap. When Ry returned home we loaded up the cooler (not with water) and headed to a friends family cottage on Johnston's lake! We went boating, fishing, ate supper and Ryan attempted to water ski.

Notice the UBER excitement in my face? ha ha

It was a blast! I hadn't been boating/fishing since I was kid. I even managed to catch a few fish! I was so excited! ha ha It was so wonderful spending time relaxing on the lake with good friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a good Monday morning!



  1. Fun packed weekend again...woo hoo! I failed at the water thing too although, my dare to myself is to not drink as much Pepsi (if you know me, you know I am a pepsi addict) anyways, so I have been trying to drink more water (one bottle a day is more than what i do now...anyways so in a long term dare, i hope to be drinking water all the time and not so much pepsi!

  2. I failed at the water thing...I drank tons of water all week, but Saturday I don't think I had hardly any. Does rum count? I drank lots of that...

    PS - Did Joe not teach you the difference between "baseball" and "fastpitch softball" YET??

  3. I'm all for a holiday to stay in bed... although it's ubber hot here, not rainy :(. Ok I grew up on a farm touching weird things but fish just weird me out... I so can't believe you touched that thing... LOL

  4. It was rainy here too! We had a lot of thunderstorms and lightning. Earlier this week, where I grew up got flooded. A lot of people lost everything. I'm not sure if they declared a state of emergency or not. It wasn't too bad where I live though. Just rain.

    Water skiing looks like so much fun! I've never been!