Monday, August 2, 2010

Dare #43

Today is Monday. Do I care? No! Because I have today off! Woo Hoo! ha ha! I love long weekends! What I love more is at this time next week I still won't be at work because I will be on Holidays!! COME ON FRIDAY!

This post is going to be short and sweet being that I want to get back to doing nothing...ha ha :-)

Dare # 43

Clean/organize your desk at work.

My desk is in DESPERATE need for a good cleaning, purging and organizing. I get so busy during the summer everything just piles up! Let me know what your desk looks like and if it's messy like mine give it a clean up this week!

Last week's dare was completed with this fresh corn on the cob from a neighbouring farmer/friend! It was so good and at 5$ a dozen it can't be beat! Good on the wallet and even better on the taste buds, yum!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. oh have I got a good recipe for Corn on the Cobb. The fiance and I thought it was crazy but it is excellent! Hope you are having a wonderful day off... and for the most part my desk is organized.

  2. we had our second snacking of corn on the cob I love summer just for the corn! LOL.
    My desk is neat and clean and organized, I hate having a messy desk and my whole office is in the midst of cleaning their desks because we are moving offices within the next two weeks.
    Josee and Evan have a good recipe for corn on the cob too - I don't know if I would like it - but if you like bacon, and I know you do, you would like it...they wrap their cobs in bacon and bbq it!

  3. Mmmm..Bacon makes everything tastey! ha ha Do Evan and Josee wrap their corn in tin foil before grilling it? I had corn again last night for supper...SO YUMMY! Can't wait for more, I can't see to ever get sick of it. :-) xo

  4. i do not know - i would think it would be wrapped in foil but not sure - to me, bbq'ing corn would make it tough - not the same as boiling it, however i see on the food network a lot of people doing it...