Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Dear Jillian Micheal's,

You are a pain in the butt...literally.
My ass hurts today from your 30 day shred.
I know that it is a good thing but please
ease up a little won't you?
Would you be kinder if I bribed you with cookies...?
No eh? Well it was worth a shot!

Love, Sweaty-McSweaterson

Dear Summer,

I am SO over you. Don't take it personally but
you are so 2010! You need to stop and let your cousin Fall
make it's grand appearance. My boots, pumpkin recipes,
leggings, cozy sweaters, decorations, birthday and
fall smelling candles are patiently waiting to
make an entrance. Don't think I am taking you for granted!
You have been wonderful and full of memories,
thank you
but move on!!!

Sincerely, Fall Lover

Dear Ice Cream,

Can you stop looking so yummy?
Sitting in my freezer right beside your friend
Mr. Chocolate Syrup. I can't handle
your teasing and I think I might get in trouble.
I am in a relationship now with fitness and so
we can no longer see each other. I'm sorry.
If you are confused you can read letter to Jillian above,
it might explain better.

Thanks, Sugar Lovin' Girl

It's the middle of the week...woo hoo! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


  1. HAHAHA that's hilarious! Yeah the first few days of the 30 day shred killed me. Now I do it and don't feel a thing. Maybe I should move on to the next level! I have to do something before my wedding so my dress fits!

    And that's one big pumpkin!

  2. cute blog Linds...i don't really want to see Summer go but it is almost over...shawville fair marks the end of summer for me...and these cooler mornings are killing me...i need to get shopping for some fall/winter work clothes!

  3. Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday as well! You and me both on pretty much everything written above ;-) Can't wait to bust out my leggings and I'm sore from working out today too!!

  4. I used to do the 30 Day Shred, but I quit doing it. It just got too boring for me and not enough of a workout. Now, my boyfriend and I are running/jogging about 2 miles, maybe 3 miles a day.

    I love ice cream, and cannot wait until fall either!

  5. haha!! ive thought of doing the 30 day shred but meh... whatever ;)