Monday, August 16, 2010

Dare # 44 and a week ago today...

Welcome back to the work week! I am so not happy to be back. Ha ha! Well I am because I do have a lot of work to catch up on here at the office.

Here is your dare this week:
Dare # 44

In anticipation of fall, go into your closet and try on a outfit that screams fall and colder weather! Tell me what your typical fall clothes consist of.

A week ago today Ryan and I were at home recuperating from a busy weekend. We watched/rented 2 movies and vegetated on the couches all day. We napped, tidied up the house and enjoyed having no responsibilities last Monday.

Sure wish I was doing that today too....

Hope everyone has a great Monday!



  1. I have realized that my fall wardrobe costs on fammel jogging pants and my big orange Roots sweater...haha! I love getting a new warm cozy sweater. Last year for my birthday, I got my off white woolly zip up hoodie from Kelly (from Old Navy) - perfect for Shawville Fair, I love new sweaters for Shawville fair!
    As for wardrobe for work - I am a "brown girl" - I love wearing browns in the winter...and I live in my high heeled boots...which I definetly need a new pair this winter...uugghh thinking of clothes makes me have to spend money to get a new wardrobe this year....

  2. and that would be FLANNEL jogging pants!

  3. I love Flammel...ha ha

    Sweaters in the fall are awesome!! Actually, sweaters all year around are the best, since I am always cold! ha ha Not to mention a CRUCIAL part of cold weather wardrobe; leggings/long johns!


  4. OH YES - shawville fair weekend the long johns usually come out and they don't go away till mid June!

  5. Our fall seems to start later and later every year so jeans and a t-shirt and a jacket at night :)