Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A week ago today....

A week ago today I woke up from a very long and restful sleep in Brockville! After going to bed at 9 PM and getting up at 8 AM I was energized and ready for another adventure!

We packed our overnight bags and got ready for the day ahead. We decided to just have the continental breakfast that they offered at the hotel instead of going to a restaurant. After all, it was included and it turned out to be delicious! Waffles, bagels, eggs, home fries, and cereal, yum!

With full belly's we checked out and hit the road for the 1.5 hour drive to Morrisburg, Ontario.

What is in Morrisburg you ask? Well Upper Canada Village is!

Upper Canada Village is a whole town of old/historic buildings that represent what it would have been like back in mid 1800's. There are people that work there that spend their whole days living like they did in the past. A school teacher, farmer, dressmaker, saw miller, baker, and tavern owner. You actually feel part of that time when walking through the Village, it is really neat.

At the Old Saw Mill:

When Ryan and I had decided that we wanted to make Upper Canada Village (UCV) part of our holidays my first thought was that I would like the boat tour so much better then UCV.

I thought that we would stop there for a couple of hours and then head home....WRONG!

I had an amazing time! I just loved imagining what it would have been like being back in that era! Living so simply off of the land and working as a family.
Ryan had really liked it too. We were watching one of the shows at the tavern and they needed "big/strong" men to take part. Being that Ryan towered over the whole audience he got to be part of the skit. Here are some pictures of his performance:

We were there for about 5 hours and would have been there longer but we wanted to hit the road to beat the traffic in Ottawa. Before we left we picked up some homemade bakery bread, made with wheat from the "grainery" in the Village. We also bought some old fashioned candy and I got a hot fudge sundae for the warm ride home.

We put the top down on the beetle since it was so nice out but I guess I forgot how hot the sun can get because I got a very nice sunburn on my chest! Ouch!

We had such a good day at Upper Canada Village and so glad that we decided to make it part of our holidays (it almost wasn't). We made it home that evening tuckered out again. We made an easy supper (Kraft Dinner, woo hoo!) and rented another movie before heading to bed early again!
I think out of all of my holiday days Wednesday was one of my favorite!
Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Ahhh, FUN! I love when certain things surprise you and turn out wonderfully! Sounds a beautiful, fun day!!

  2. haha i like how Ryan performed on stage...i was at Upper Canada Village YEARS ago - not something I would be interested in going with Maddy, i think she would find it boring...but I do remember it being really neat and I remeber it was just sooo nice to walk around and stuff and take it all in.

  3. Love that he performed on stage! Looks like such a fun trip! :)

  4. wow, that sounds like a blast! There is a place very similar in Des Moines IA called the Living History Farm but it goes back to the Indian times up through the 1800's and you do a walking tour. It's awesome, so I bet this place was extraordinary!