Thursday, August 19, 2010

A week ago today.....

A week ago today I was thinking to myself, "OMG it's already Thursday, holidays are almost over, aww..."

I had a GREAT night sleep on Wednesday night. After the past two days that were full of activity I hit the hay pretty hard.

I slept in a little but not too bad. I definitely got over 10 hours of sleep that is for sure.
That morning Ryan and I had decided to go have lunch at one of our FAVORITE places. Pizza Hut. To be honest we don't even like Pizza Hut all that much but we love their lunch time buffet! You get a little taste of a bunch of pasta's, pizza, bread sticks, and dessert! Yum! So off we headed for the city and our lunch.

When we got to the restaurant we were the ONLY people there and the buffet had just began. It was great to have fresh, hot, untouched food. We got done super fast because we didn't need to wait on any one in line or food about to come out.

Since we were already on Merivale Road (a busy street in Ottawa) we decided to get some errands done.

First, we had to go to Petsmart to grab Tucker Beans some shampoo, a new leash, and a new toy! He was a happy puppy when we brought in his new toy!

Since we are ALMOST done the basement, irritated that the stupid furniture people keep pushing back the day patiently waiting on couches, we knew we still had to pick out an area rug. So, we headed to Alexanian Carpets where we got an awesome deal on an area rug. I would show you all pictures but you'll have to wait for the big reveal when the couches come!

A little piece down the road was Home Sense. And what is a trip to the city without a stop at Home Sense? ha ha! Ryan wasn't excited about this one but too bad. I got a whole cart load of stuff for the new basement. Mainly just baskets so that I can OVER organize everything. :-) I also got a couple of really cute Halloween decorations that were on clearance.

Before heading home we stopped in and got our weekly groceries.

When we did arrive home we were a little sleepy so we took a nap. Ha ha That is the best thing about holidays! Naps are amazing. We made supper that night, tidied up the house and decided to have a movie night.

You see, way back when we booked our holidays we were told that we would have the couches. We decided that one night during our week off we would have a movie marathon night and sleep in our new basement that we have spent so much time renovating! However, as you see above, we still didn't (don't) have couches. We still really wanted to continue on with our plan so we set up this.......

We slept on the floor! And it was SOOO uncomfortable. ha ha It was a great idea at the start but I had a horrible sleep on Thursday night.

We watch these movies:

Both were actually really good. Ryan didn't get the Time Travelers wife but since I had read the book before I gave him commentary throughout.

Thursday ended up being a relaxing but really accomplished day. Nothing that I like better than getting stuff done!!


  1. nice new blog formatting Linds - it needed a change I guess...well that would have been a busy day in the city, I really hate going to the city and hopping from store to store, but then again, 90% of the time I have a 3 year old with me and that is just too stressful.
    Just before you wrote, naps are amazing, i was thinking, GEEZ these people nap a lot, they are like an old married couple taking their ritual afternoon naps! Hahaha! Anyways, looks like you had a fullfilled holiday, too bad it doesn't last forever eh...huh - well I didn't even take holidays this year, or last year but I like my days I take off here and there, those are my days to do running around in the city and stuff...sorry to hear you didn't get your new couches yet...i hope i win the 10,000 Shopping Spree at EQ3, I think im going to buy a new modern sectional couch, and well sell my new one and pay it off....LOL
    have a good day!

  2. Ah, the new blog design/layout is nice! I like it! Yeah sleeping on the floor isn't that much fun the older we get, but I'm sure it was great anyway! I want to see the Time Traveler's Wife but I haven't read the book. Sounds like maybe I should....

  3. Hey Stacy!

    I sure wish holidays lasted all year! ha ha! No I think I would get bored but it was so nice to finally take summer holidays for the very first time.

    Ya we are an old married couple. We love wheel of fortune, naps, and bingo...we are going to love retirment! ha ha!

    I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to shop inthe city with a 3 year old. It is stressful enough trying to pick stuff out and remember everything you need!!

    I hope you had a great day! xo